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What is twisted cotton rope used for?

There are a myriad of uses for soft twisted cotton rope. It's a natural fiber rope that has been used for centuries for a variety of uses. Businesses buying twisted cotton rope need a trusted supplier that is proven to deliver. Ravenox is proud to be the global leader in supplying twisted cotton ropes. We make our ropes here in America with two types of cotton:

  1. 100% Cotton from American-grown cotton.
  2. Low-impact high-value upcycled colored cotton yarns that are dye-free, requires no farming, processing, water or chemicals.

100% Natural White cotton ropes are perfect for a variety of uses and end-users love these ropes, because they can be custom-dyed any color for that perfect ombre look.

Twisted cotton ropes made with low-impact upcycled yarns are colorfast, won't leach dyes and are great for the environment. Ravenox is the only manufacturer in the world that will create a custom color combination twisted cotton rope. Whether you're buying rope for your business, sports team or university, Ravenox can twist together the colors you need for your product or design.

Looking for a bulk cotton rope supplier?

Ravenox twisted twisted cotton ropes are the #1 Best Selling cotton rope year in and year out. Thousands of positive customer reviews from satisfied customers all over the world will show how happy these rope customers are using these soft ropes for a variety of products and services and how easy it is to order.

Ravenox is a bulk rope supplier with the shortest lead times in the industry. Even during the pandemic, and supply chain crisis, our lead times for twisted cotton rope never changed and our ropes are always available and in stock. While other rope suppliers took months to make or receive the ropes they sold, Ravenox was still making twisted cotton rope and shipping to satisfied customers in only a few short days.

Small Minimum Order Quantities is another reason to shop rope cotton from Ravenox. When shopping rope for your business, the MOQ is only one spool of rope. We also make custom color combinations of twisted cotton rope where you can twist together any three colors to make your own soft cotton rope color combination.

See how our rope is made:

Ravenox twisted cotton rope is made on vintage American-Made rope machines. 100% American through and through.

Examples of Happy Customer Segments

Cotton Rope for Pet Stores

Pet stores of all kinds and sizes rely on Ravenox for ropes that will work for their customer.

Rope Dog Leashes

Rope Dog Leash - Soft cotton rope for dogs and puppies

The function of all types of dog leashes is to keep your dog safe and prevent it from injuries, but also to control it in public places and while training. Ravenox cotton rope dog leashes are made from high-quality upcycled cotton yarns which makes them more durable, and hence, very cost effective. Even though these leashes are soft enough to prevent friction burns on your hands, they provide a strong grip, which makes them reliable and suitable for small, medium, and big dogs alike. Shop dog leashes on Ravenox Wholesale or purchase custom colors and make your own.

Twisted cotton rope is natural, vegan, and eco-friendly. They also come in a wide variety of colors, color combinations, and patterns, which makes them perfect for stylish dogs and environmentally-conscious pet parents alike!

Rope Dog Toys

Rope Dog Toys Twisted Cotton Ball

There are an array of different rope bones and products on the market that are said to help with your pet’s dragon breath, but being aware of what you are feeding your “fur-ever” friend is really something that pet owners should keep in mind. One of the easiest ways to maintain dog dental care between brushing is a multi-functional toy that your canine will love! 

Twisted cotton rope dog toys offer a natural fiber that is non-toxic if ingested and helps clean your dog’s teeth to keep them sparkling and healthy between brushings. So, while brushing may not be a highlight of their doggy day -- adding some additional playtime with their favorite human can foster your affection for one another and keep them healthier for longer. Not to mention -- who doesn’t love a little game of tug-of-war?  

Rope Bird Toys

Bird toys, bird cage with twisted cotton rope

Bird toys come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Rope swings with bells, teasers and perches attached are perfect for your feathered friend. What most bird owners don't know when they shop for ropes for their birds is that twisted ropes are better than braided ropes. With twisted cotton, which is a natural fiber, your bird's beaks and talons won't get stuck in the rope. Saving an expensive trip to the veterinarian. Birds love to swing back and forth on these types of toys, which helps keep their muscles strong. Rope swings allow your bird to relax after a long day of playing or chewing up wooden perches in the cage.

Rope Cat Toys

It’s no secret that kitties love to play with string, rope, yarn, or anything dangling from up high. While shoelaces and string are great alternatives, they truly aren’t the safest for your cat to be continuously gnawing on and dragging across the floor.

Our colorful cotton rope can be hung, dangled, draped, or just used for your kitty to chase around the house. You can purchase a variety of colors, so it goes with your household décor and suits your cats vibrant, playful personality.

Cotton Rope for Cat Scratch Posts

Cat scratch post rope cotton twines for cat toys

If you own a cat (or more because let’s face it, it’s hard to have just one), then you know how much they love to scratch. A scratching pad or more popularly, a scratching post, is great for your feline friend to stretch their paws and claws while not damaging your furniture.

The great thing about Ravenox twisted cotton rope is that it can both be used for a DIY cat scratching post. Using rope cotton for making your own cat scratching post cuts back on the repetitive purchase of cheaply made posts.

Horse Tack & Horse Supply Stores

 Ravenox Twisted Cotton Rope Horse Leads


  • Horse Leads - Lead ropes or lead lines are an essential part of your horse equipment. Lead ropes or lead lines are used to lead the horse during daily actives when the horse is not bridled for riding. Lead ropes are made made with twisted cotton rope are used for daily handling. A lead rope may or may not have a chain shank.
  • Horse Halters - A rope halter for horses is a very popular piece of horse tack for both Western and English riders. Rope halters are used for everyday training, handling or Natural Horsemanship. Built with one long piece of rope, rope halters have knots tied in strategic places for shape, fit and transferring cues.
  • Lunge Lines -Long line training and lunge line training are fundamental methods of maintaining fitness and schooling a horse’s movement. Ravenox cotton ropes come in a wide variety of colors and diameters perfectly suited for long line training. 
  • Hobbles - when it comes to hobbles, a good soft rope is hard to beat. Cotton is better than leather and other materials as it won't burn or chafe a horse. Great for pack mules, horses, camels or any other animal that needs to be hobbled, at home or in the back-country.

Ropes for Visual Display

Twisted cotton rope for store window displays

Using twisted cotton rope as a component of your retail fixture allows for a wide variety of uses in visual merchandising displays, visual display, shop window displays and store displays. Department stores have a go-to supplier when they search cotton rope and find Ravenox, with a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

Ropes for the Film and Entertainment Industry

See TV show Jason Mamoa uses Ravenox Twisted Cotton Ropes

Photo Credit: Apple TV

Whether in theaters, on stages, in films, stunts, musicals, etc. – our cotton ropes are used on a regular basis in various productions such as theater performances, musicals, Broadway shows, and many major Hollywood blockbusters. With a wide variety of colors to choose from and rapid shipping, it's easy to match your set with our ropes.

Rope for Interior Design & Macramé

Macramé wall art with twisted cotton rope in colors

Natural cording, such as cotton, wool, and hemp, work well for indoor decorative macramé projects. With 100% cotton you can dye your nautical design project any color you like. Here are some great ideas for your next macramé project:

  • DIY macramé jar hangars
  • Macramé mason jars
  • Macramé plant hangers
  • Simple and modern macramé wall hanging
  • Macramé pillow
  • Macramé feathers
  • Macramé necklace

Learn more:

Farms & Gardening

Garden trellis cord for vegetable farmers

From clothes lines to hay ropes, from binder twine to halters for the livestock, ropes of many kinds and sizes are in constant use about the farmstead. Like any other piece of farm equipment, its efficiency and economy depends upon its suitableness as to size and quality for the purpose for which it is used, the load of work put upon it, and the care or abuse with which it is handled. Profitable farm operation requires that every piece of farm equipment be so selected and used as to get the greatest amount of service from it. Rope is no exception. Cotton ropes are soft and pliable rope commonly used in smaller sizes for clothes lines, garden trellis, window cords and in larger sizes for pig farms and livestock farms.

Handbag & Purse Stores

Cotton rope for handbags, purses, clutches and bagsRavenox Customer Image

Search handbags and you'll see twisted cotton rope is well suited for purses, handbags, totes, satchels and recycled bags. The soft nature of the rope provides a great "hand" and feels great over your shoulder. Add natural white to your cart if you're looking for a rope that's 100% cotton and accepts dyes or choose from dozens of colors made from upcycled cotton yarns. Always in stock and available for your handbag needs.

Rope Lighting Fixture Stores

Twisted Cotton Rope Pendant Lighting

Rope pendant lights, hanging ceiling light fixtures and rustic rope for industrial lighting are all examples nautical light options available with Ravenox ropes. Restaurants use Ravenox as their main supplier when creating custom light fixtures or even rope walls for sound and space barriers in noisy environments.

Wedding Stores

Wedding Ceremony Handfasting Ropes Colors

Rope is a major component in every wedding. From a handfasting ceremony, to white wedding lasso ropes, prayer ropes, table décor or nautical designs, you'll see rope used in a variety of ways at every kind of wedding ceremony.

Sports Teams, Schools, Colleges & Universities

Sports lovers the world over love their team colors. Display them with pride at restaurants, bars, hotels, schools and more. Whatever the event or occasion, Ravenox can twist together a color combination for you.

                         Seattle Seahawks use Ravenox Colored Cotton Rope Blue & GreenSeattle Seahawks Colors Blue & Green Decorate


No matter what type of store you own, Ravenox has you covered for your rope product needs. For more information or to apply for an account CLICK HERE.

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