Cotton Rope

Simple and Charming DIY Cotton Rope Tree Ornaments for the Holidays

Deck the halls with a forest of miniature rope trees crafted by your own hands! This delightful DIY Cotton Rope Tree Ornament is a fun...

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Create Your Own Festive Charm: DIY Christmas Wreath Ornament with Ravenox Twisted Cotton Rope

The holiday season is about warmth, celebration, and creating memories that last a lifetime. What better way to embrace the spirit of Christmas than by...

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Ravenox & Material Return: Transforming Rope Waste into Renewed Yarn

Ravenox, renowned for its vibrant colored twisted cotton ropes, is excited to announce its new partnership with Material Return, pushing the frontier of sustainable textile...

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The Benefits of Using Cotton Rope from Ravenox Rope Manufacturer

When it comes to selecting rope for your projects, the material you choose matters greatly. Cotton rope, with its versatility and soft feel, stands out...

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Celebrating Textile Heritage: How Ravenox and Amazon Embrace the Threads of Tradition

A Legacy Woven with Thread and Tradition The United States has a rich history in textiles, from the cotton fields of the South to the...

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Celebrating and Supporting: A Deep Dive into "Saving a Hero's Place"

At Ravenox, we pride ourselves on not just providing top-tier ropes, but also being a part of something larger than ourselves. Through our partnership with...

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How to Craft a Rope Letter

 How to Make Rope Letters Have you ever seen a perfectly shaped letter made out of rope and wondered where they had been purchased? Well,...

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The Tao of a Macrame Rope Wall

ENDLESS ROPE CREATIVITY From 13th-century weavers to modern day designers, the use of cotton rope in a macrame cord project has kept a steadfast hold...

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Ropes Manufactured in North Carolina, USA

Ravenox Joins the Manufactured in North Carolina Manufacturers Network American Rope Manufacturers Almost everything we use and enjoy daily is manufactured somewhere and we rely...

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