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Don't get caught thinking that Ravenox only supplies cordage products for human use. That' right! We also offer rope and cordage products that you can use for your pets. Check out our inventory of horse lead ropes and dog rope leashes today. The range of products we offer is sure to benefit the lives of you and your animals both.

Our twisted cotton rope is the perfect material to use as horse leads or dog leashes. Its soft texture fits comfortably around your pet's neck and its tough, weather resistant properties mean that you can use it in any weather condition without threat of breakage or mildew growth. These horse lead ropes and dog rope leashes are made without any harmful chemicals or dyes, so that you don't have to worry about the health of your animal, even if he or she ends up chewing on the rope. Like all of our products, these ropes are made domestically with American labor, which means the quality of the rope and leads is unmatched in a market flooded with products made overseas. These ropes and leads come in a variety of colors so that you can personalize them to your animal. We also offer handmade twisted cotton ropes that evoke a personalized touch you can't find anywhere else. With a brass plated swivel snap attached, you can count on your dog being fastened tight while you two take a nice walk around the park or neighborhood.

Prefer to use a slip leash instead of a clip-on leash? No problem. Ravenox also manufactures and stocks polyethylene slip leashes that are soft and weather resistant so they can be used comfortably on the animal in your life without threat of being damaged by sunshine or rainfall. Most dog rope leashes of this kind come with a plasticky feel that is uncomfortable on dogs, but the ones we stock are extremely soft and are sometimes preferred to the thicker, twisted cotton rope we offer. What you choose depends on your or your animal's preference! The slip leash is widely used around the world and often recommended by dog trainers for their versatility. These are easily adjustable so they can be used on dogs that pull just as well as those that don't. No matter the temperament or strength of your dog, these ropes will be strong enough to handle them.

We also stock and MFP derby rope which is UV and mildew resistant. This is popularly used as a horse lead rope for its resistance to natural oils and lubricants that often come with owning a horse. The colors of these ropes are vibrant and do not bleed, and they are not made with any harmful chemicals or dyes, that way your horse is protected from materials which often come in products made overseas. You can choose between brass or nickel snaps depending on your preference. Buy one that suits your horse or dog today!



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