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We’re rope makers. And we’re kind of obsessed

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About Us

Who we are:

We’re rope makers. And we’re kind of obsessed.
To turn the cordage world upside down, we’ve assembled a dream team of industry professionals whose lives…as crazy as it sounds…revolve around rope. Made up of outdoor adrenaline junkies & creative campers alongside techy fiber nerds and 20-year rope industry experts- we dream big to create ropes, cords, and clips that push all the limits and pass all the tests.
And we’ve done it pretty well.
Ravenox rope meets the rigorous manufacturing and testing procedures set forth by the American Cordage Institute. In fact, we are proud to be 1 of only 27 manufacturers in the world that helps set the standards in rope manufacturing. It’s kind of a big deal.
Ravenox American Cordage Institute Rope Manufacturer Twisted Braided Ropes
Amazing rope starts with amazing soil. While 100% manufactured in the USA, we source our cotton from the best soil from around the world which gives us that trademark high quality, softness, and strength. We also source our yarns from up-cycled materials to help protect our planet and our home. It’s a win win win.
Ravenox is also a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. We’re loyal, honest, and love a challenge.
Ravenox Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business SDVOSB Certified
Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? No worries. You can custom order colors or design your own tri-color rope.
Oh, and with our exclusive, no-risk manufacturer’s warranty- your rope is covered for 1-year.
But remember…this warranty is exclusive to sales through Ravenox and only our authorized resellers. Purchases made through unauthorized resellers do not fall under our manufacturer’s warranty. You want that guarantee? Come straight to the source and we’ll sort you out!

Our Story:

Ravenox was founded in 2012 by Master Gunnery Sergeant Sean Brownlee, a Special Operations Marine with over 24 years of continuous service he is still active in the Marine Corps to this day. With a desire to serve his country outside of the military he formed the company to create jobs, bring manufacturing back to America and help American companies grow and stay relevant in the 21st century. It all started with rope – something very familiar. With experience rappelling, fast roping from helicopters, SPIE rigging, parachuting and understanding how important it is to have only the best ropes and cords the company started on its’ way.

Today Ravenox is a rope manufacturer, using American-made machines from the early 20th century and American labor to produce the highest quality ropes. Pairing 21st century technology with rock solid people and equipment Ravenox has grown to have the #1 Best Selling rope online and offline. It doesn’t stop there… Ravenox also partners with other American manufacturers and helps them develop, manufacture and distribute the smartest, strongest American-made products out there.


Our Logo:

The balance between the raven and the ox is a balance between wit and strength. Bringing the smartest and most durable product selections to market is at the foundation for all that we do.


What we stand for:

Ravenox has its roots in service; service to our neighbors, our community and our nation. This service begins with leadership and the 14 Marine Corps leadership traits have been applied to our business and our practices:

Justice - This means that our employees and customers are treated with justice. Our employees feel safe and know they are judged according to the quality of their work and nothing else. Our customers are treated at the same level and their requests and concerns are handled fairly.

Judgement - We embody and build a culture around the mission and welfare of our employees. We ensure our employees are taken care of so they are as productive as they can be and our customers believe in our values and mission and receive the products and support they deserve.

Dependability - This means exactly what it says: We are a dependable company to work for and our products and services are just as dependable.

Integrity - We set the example from the top down that integrity is of the utmost importance and that carries through to everyone we work with. Our partners and customers alike can trust in the leadership and discipline that is at the core of our mission.

Decisiveness - We are a company that follows the mantra of fail-small fail-fast and we pivot quickly. We have grown quickly by executing decent plans now rather than perfect plans tomorrow. 

Tact - We treat everyone with respect. Plain and simple.

Initiative - As a company we are always moving forward; advancing products, services and looking for the best way to make things better. We have a perpetual drive to find, develop, make and sell smarter, better solutions.

Enthusiasm - We are enthusiastic about what it is we do every day and the value we bring to society. This enthusiasm resonates at every level of the company.

Bearing - As the internet brings just about every aspect of business into full light, transparency in how it is conducted is an aspect that is constantly controlled. Emotions are kept in check and that resonates through in every interaction.

Unselfishness - Our customers come first. We seek to continually earn and keep our customer's trust.

Courage - Our principles stand above all else and having the courage to make the right decisions to guide the company to provide the best experience to our customers come first.

Knowledge - We are subject matter experts in our field. 

Loyalty - We are loyal to the mission of our company and the values we espouse. 

Endurance - Instilled in the Marine Corps and represented throughout every level of the company is a level of physical and mental endurance that allows us to continue our productive growth into the future.

Our Mascot:

Ravenox Mascot Blitzen the German Sheperd

Meet Blitzen, Ravenox's German Shepherd mascot. His name reflects his connection to the holidays since he was born on Christmas Eve. This adorable furball belongs to Ravenox CEO, Sean Brownlee. Follow him on Instagram (@RavenoxBlitzen) to see the obsession with rope from a dog's perspective. 



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