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Amazon Prime Day 2022: dates and best early deals

Get ready for the Prime Day sales on July 12 and 13, 2022

Prime Day offers are set to run until July 13 and continue until July 14. Luckily, Amazon offers free early Prime Day deals every day. The major early discounts will be for Amazon hardware. You can also save 50% on certain 4K Fire TV's. Multiple Alexa-powered phones are also offered, with pricing starting at $19 for Echo Dots. There are also huge savings on iPhone and iPod Touch products and accessories. Amazon expects sales to rise quickly, as Prime Day approaches just a short period.

Amazon Prime Day 2022

Our predictions

Amazon gives more discounts every year - although many items aren't discounted on Prime Days. Amazon's own smart home products have been the most accurate predictors for many. Every year Amazon has seen an unprecedented decrease in its pricing and we are hoping this trend will last throughout 2022. Amazon has lowered the cost of its Echo Smart Speakers to an all-time low. The new 4th generation Echo Dot cost about $48.99, while a more powerful Echo dropped by $99.99.49 to $44.99. In 2022, we anticipate prices will fall another little more, resulting in a price decline near $20 for Echo Dots.

Shop Amazon deal days everyday

You might be asking yourself why Ravenox would be promoting Amazon prime day 2022. Ravenox was built on the backbone of Amazon years ago. By following Amazon's best practices of delighting the customer in every way possible Ravenox has grown to become one of the top 1% third-party Amazon sellers. Providing the highest quality rope and hardware, at the best price, with the fastest shipping day in and day out.

How does Prime Day work?

Prime Day was created as an easy concept for customers who subscribe to the Prime service to get introductory offers to millions of items on Amazon's website during that period. While not currently available to free members, Prime items offers members additional Prime Savings for the current period, when most items have fallen below a new low level. When you log into your Prime account and look up product landing pages, the discounts are displayed. You do not require any special coupon codes or specialized payment methods to receive discounts.

Shop Amazon Best Sellers

This Amazon Prime Day and everyday, shop the best selling products on Amazon. The #1 Best Seller Badge is an orange icon that appears on the listing and search results of the best-selling products in a specific category. The purpose of this badge is to tell shoppers which items are the most popular.

Amazon’s algorithm updates best seller status hourly. Amazon doesn’t publish the exact metrics used to assign the Best Seller badge, but it’s clear that sales history and sales velocity are primary factors. Amazon’s algorithm tracks total sales history to rank products within categories and subcategories. For the best products on Amazon, the Best Seller badge is simply a byproduct of building a strong Amazon listing.

Amazon Best Twisted Cotton Ropes

Day in and day out, year after year, Ravenox's twisted cotton rope has been the #1 Best Selling rope on Amazon. Thousands of positive customer reviews for the hundreds of rope variants available speak to the popularity of this versatile rope.

Support Small Businesses to win big prizes

During Amazon Prime Day 2022 “Support Small Businesses to Win Big” sweepstakes, customers in the US can enter to win unique experiences like an all-expenses-paid trip to the Super Bowl, an exciting screening of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and Amazon gift cards.

Support small businesses and win big on Amazon Prime Day 2022

Registered customers will earn additional sweepstakes entries through purchases of eligible small business products. Ravenox products are included in this year's prime day deals! Shop small businesses selling on now through July 11, 2022. For every $1 you spend, you'll earn 1 entry (up to $1,500). Just look for the small business badge to quickly identify products from small business brands.

Small Businesses on Amazon Matter

Is It Really Possible to Support Small Businesses When You’re Shopping on Amazon?

Amazon is expected to once again be a top destination for shopping this week, thanks to its annual Prime Day

Amazon’s 2020 Small Business Impact Report found that over half of the products sold on Amazon come from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and the company says it has more than two million independent sellers and authors currently using its services. The e-tailer also reported a surge in people shopping via these independent third-party sellers over the holidays last year, with SMBs seeing “double-digit year-over-year growth” and “billions” of items sold. event, and while you’ll find plenty of deals on big-name brands, Amazon is also making a concerted effort to promote the independent sellers on its site.

In 2019 Amazon named Ravenox one of the top 6 Small Businesses selling on Amazon. The small business award program was established to honor and celebrate top business persons and small businesses across the country selling in Amazon’s stores. Amazon customers selected the Small Business of the Year based on their business story, their customer centricity and product selection and value.

How Do You Find Small Businesses and Independent Sellers on Amazon?

The best place to find independent sellers on Amazon is through their “Support Small” hub, which features gifts exclusively sold by small businesses. You can sort through the page based on items you’re looking for (I.e. beauty, books, toys), rooms in your house (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom) or the person you’re shopping for (mom, kids, pets, etc).

Outside of Black Friday, the most popular Amazon independent seller storefronts are found in the Amazon Handmade section, which offers a ton of jewelry, toys, stationery, housewares and made-to-order gifts. You can also read up on each artist in their profile to find out where they’re located and how everything is produced (as the name suggests, much of these offerings are handmade).

Amazon also has a “Support Small” section, with curated items from local businesses and individual sellers. Filter items and stores based on your region, to find a local company to support near you.

How Can You Verify the Seller on Amazon?

The best small businesses on Amazon should have a detailed profile page (or “seller page”), listing the location where the business is based out of, along with information about what the seller offers. Many sellers will also list any awards they’ve won or accolades their products have received (I.e. “Named as 1 of 5 Military Family-Owned Businesses“). Be sure to look for any safety certifications or proof of compliancy too, especially if you’re purchasing electronics or something you’ll be using on the body (think everything from massage guns to grooming and skincare).

Amazon Military Family-Owned Small Business Ravenox Rope

Amazon’s “Support Small” section also has a “Meet the Business Owners” feature, where you can find out more about the people behind the products. The feature lets you filter search results by women-owned businesses, black-owned businesses, family-owned brands, and brands that support military families and young entrepreneurs.

How Can You Support Small Businesses on Amazon?

Aside from purchasing items from small businesses and independent sellers on Amazon, you can also support them by leaving a review. You can also answer questions on the product page, to help other customers interested in the same items: What was the shipping experience like? Did the product arrive as pictured? How did you use the product? What unique features did you discover? The more you interact with the seller’s page, the more likely they’ll attract new customers.

Prepare For Amazon prime day 2022 with Ravenox

Ravenox on Capitol Hill Supporting Small Business on Prime Day

Ravenox has its roots in service; service to our neighbors, our community and our nation. This support extends to small businesses of every type and in every category. From advocacy at the state level all the way to Capitol Hill, we're here for businesses that are for America.

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