Ravenox specializes in manufacturing natural and synthetic fiber ropes for any and every application.

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Offshore Working & Lifting Lines

Tug & Salvage Lines

Inland River Lines

Ship & Barge Mooring Lines

Mining Tow Lines

Utility Pulling Lines & Cable Grips

Welcome to Ravenox

Ravenox is an American rope and cordage manufacturing company providing industry solutions through our innovative products, technical solutions and customized services. Through our direct to consumer sales we serve everyday customers, the U.S. government and global corporations by providing exceptional quality, global availability and highly responsive customer service.

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military members get 10% OFF everyday at Ravenox

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One of a Kind Customizable Rope

The only twisted cotton rope that can be customized. We make our rope here in the USA on American-made machines.

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Ravenox "Thin Blue Line" Collection


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Marine Raider Foundation

For every purchase made on our website Ravenox donates 10% of the proceeds to this amazing organization.

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Maritime Industry

Captains have come to enjoy, respect, and request Ravenox synthetic ropes for many applications in the commercial marine market. This industry is what keeps things moving from general cargo vessels to liquid petroleum products, and the lines that secure them are just as important in regards to environmental safety as the engines that power them.

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Shop American-Made gourds, traps and accessories for purple martins, bluebirds, bats and other birds.

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Custom Rope

We have the largest selections of colored rope available.

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