Twisted Cotton Rope (Aqua) (3868837633)
Twisted Cotton Rope (Aqua) (3868837633)
Twisted Cotton Rope

Twisted Cotton Rope


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Super Soft Natural Cotton Rope, Cord and Twine Direct from the Manufacturer

Ravenox cotton rope is certified by the Seal of Cotton for its authentic and iconic fiber content. You expect your rope to be made responsibly and we're committed to that end. These ropes are natural, renewable, and have environmentally friendly benefits. Made from the softest of natural fibers, our cotton rope is easy to tie in knots and splice.

Ravenox uses only the finest cotton yarns available to twist and braid ropes. Using cotton yarn in our rope and twine is essential for a wide variety of uses:

  • Macrame artisans love cotton as it can transform a project into a one-of-a-kind unique piece. Macrame is a great way to incorporate more handmade items into your home decor. Jewelry can even be fashioned using this dynamic rope! 
  • Pet Lovers who are looking for an organic pet toy should use Ravenox twisted cotton rope. Great for dog toys, bird toys, cat toys, and any other pet toy that could be ingested and is of concern. You can create your own soft, strong, and durable dog leash or horse lead, or check out the variety offered by Ravenox.
  • Weddings and events can be elegantly highlighted with so many color options to match your theme or occasion. You can also design your own 3-color combination to highlight your event.

Ravenox rope meets the rigorous manufacturing and testing procedures set forth by the American Cordage Institute and we are proud to be 1 of only 27 manufacturers in the world that help set the standards in rope manufacturing. Ravenox is a CERTIFIED Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

    Ravenox has partnered with Recover to provide the most sustainable colored yarns the industry can provide. Recover develops and manufactures low-impact high-value upcycled yarns for all types of fashion, accessory, and home textile products. We're proud to integrate their yarns into our ropes. 

      Recover™ yarn that is used in Ravenox Cotton Rope is Dye-Free. No dyes are used to match colors with Recover cotton fibers. No water is used and no chemical products are used.

      Sample packs including different diameters are available If you aren’t sure which color and size might be right for you.

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      Ravenox USA-Made Aqua Twisted Cotton Rope is available in various diameter options and multiple lengths. 
       Diameter Metric Tensile Strength Working Load**
      1/8-inch 3.175mm N/A N/A
      3/16-inch 4.76mm N/A N/A
      1/4-inch 6mm 318 lbs. 48 - 80 lbs.
      3/8-inch 9.5mm 582 lbs. 87 - 146 lbs.
      1/2-inch 13mm 1,191 lbs. 179 - 298 lbs.
      5/8-inch 16mm 1,935 lbs. 290 - 484 lbs.
      3/4-inch 19mm 2,331 lbs. 350 - 583 lbs.
      1-inch 25mm 2,375 lbs. 356 - 594 lbs. 

      *The safe working load for most kinds of rope is between 15% and 25% of the tensile strength.

      Please be aware that while our three-strand cotton rope is true to diameter on the spools, fibers may expand when the rope is cut to length and shipped. Some ropes may increase almost a whole size in diameter. If your application is dependent on a certain diameter, please consider ordering a smaller size than is needed.