Redecorating with Rope - DIY Decor

Looking for some inexpensive ways to redecorate?

Here are some great DIY Rope Decor Ideas!

1. Rope Wall

A rope wall is a great, inexpensive idea to break up a room without visually losing space. You can use a rope wall to separate your entrance/foyer from the rest of your house, separate two rooms that run together or create smaller rooms in a large space (such as a studio or office). The best part of using rope as your divider is that it is translucent. A rope wall allows you to achieve your goal without making your space feel any smaller. 

Below are some example photos

The Steve Harvey Show featured this great idea. Watch this video to get a quick overview of How To Build A Rope Wall:  

This same rope wall can also be applied flat against a wall to create an accent wall. Again, it is a less permanent alternative to painting or laying wood/tile, yet creates the same feel.

2. Hanging Shelf

Another great DIY project is using rope to create a hanging shelf. Hanging shelves are trendy, minimalist and allow you to store items while freeing up floor space. They require very little materials to make and are inexpensive. All you'll need is your desired color Ravenox twisted cotton rope, wood for your shelf base, a drill and wall hooks. Drill holes large enough to pass the rope through and tie a knot on the bottom. Hang from 1 wall hook to make a triangle shaped shelf to from two for a traditional shelf. You can even make multiple layer shelves by continuing the rope down to another piece of wood after the knot.

See photos for examples. 





Shelves can be easily moved and ropes changed with ease through changing seasons. 


To see all of our twisted cotton rope options click HERE.

Cordage & Rope Decor DIY Home Improvement

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