Amazon Small Business Awards

The finalists for Amazon's Small Business Spotlight Awards included an elite group of incredible entrepreneurs. After all, the program was established to honor and celebrate top business persons and small businesses across the country selling in Amazon’s stores. Amazon customers selected the Small Business of the Year, Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year, and Small Business Owner Under 30 of the Year via vote.

Ravenox as a Finalist

Out of over 30,000 small and medium-sized businesses that have sold over 250 million items to over 70 million unique customers, Ravenox was honored to have been chosen as one of the six finalists for this unique award. After all, the numbers continue to increase and the competition is fierce. Since our amazing customers have contributed to Ravenox qualifying as a candidate for this honor, we thank you and promise to continue to work on behalf of small business in America. 

All finalists were evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Small business story: Which businesses have the most inspiring origin story and company vision?
  2. Customer centricity: Which businesses demonstrate true customer obsession?
  3. Product selection and value: Which businesses have the most unique products that address customer needs in an innovative way?

View the List of Businesses Involved

What Are the Amazon Small Business Awards?

The Amazon Small Business Awards celebrates inspiring and unique American small businesses selling in Amazon’s stores and recognizes small businesses across three categories:

  1. Small Business of the Year (the category for which Ravenox competed)
  2. Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year
  3. Small Business Owner Under 30 of the Year

“We want to see small businesses across the country thriving like never before. We are committed to helping them harness the power of online sales, reach new customers, and provide fantastic selection, value, and convenience,” said Nicholas Denissen, Amazon's Vice President of Small Business. “The purpose of these awards is to showcase what the most successful small businesses are doing right as a model for others to learn from.”


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