Ravenox CEO on Capitol Hill Supporting Small Businesses

Ravenox CEO Sean Brownlee was recently invited to Washington, D.C. to speak with lawmakers about policies impacting small businesses in America. The invitation was extended by Amazon and took place on Amazon Prime Day. Sean was selected as one of only 30 sellers out of the more than 5 million marketplace sellers on Amazon to represent small businesses around the country. 

Meeting with Congressman Walter Jones

Representative Walter Jones

As technology evolves and supply chains improve it is becoming more important for businesses to adapt to the ever-changing landscape in order to stay relevant. Ravenox, and the companies we work with, have been able to thrive in this environment by staying nimble, vetting and adopting the latest software improvements and understanding how the future will shape commerce. 

Meeting with Congressman Brett Guthrie

Representative Brett Guthrie

It is important for policymakers to understand the significant impact legislative action can have on small and medium sized businesses as they try to navigate these rapidly changing marketplaces. As brick and mortar retailers move online to expand their customer reach, take control of their brands and increase their awareness they face the uncertainty that comes from inaccurate and mixed information. This can lead to a high barrier to entry for entrepreneurs and new businesses and even stifle the growth of existing businesses. 

Meeting with Congressman David Rouzer

Representative David Rouzer

Not just staying relevant in the 21st century, but thriving by staying at the tip of the spear is what Ravenox has been able to do for its' own company and those it partners with. Speaking with congressmen and senators in our nations' capitol Mr. Brownlee has been able to clearly lay out the importance of understanding cross-border state tax laws, international trademark and copyright laws, and how the decisions lawmakers have can impact job creation and business stability. 

Meeting with Senator Richard Burr

Senator Richard Burr

A special thank you goes out to Senator Richard Burr, Congressman Walter Jones, Congressman Ted Budd, Congressman David Rouzer, Senator Thom Tillis, Congressman Mark Walker and Congressman Brett Guthrie for taking the time to meet with Sean, learn about our business and understand how we can all help America become stronger by growing businesses and creating jobs right here at home.


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