Ravenox Leaders Advocate for Retailers


Ravenox Encourages Volunteering

Sean Brownlee | Ravenox | Elected Vice Chair of 2020 | Washington Retail Association

Volunteering is a key part of Ravenox's corporate social responsibility program. While serving in the community and showcasing corporate culture, our CEO embodies the Ravenox message of speaking and living by these values. 

In December of 2019, Sean Brownlee was voted in as Vice-Chair for the Washington Retail Association; helping lead the association and advocate for the retail industry throughout Washington State.

Retail Associations Protecting the Industry

Nationwide, retail associations help advance and safeguard the well-being of the retail industry. The Washington Retail Association is recognized by merchants, elected officials and other trade groups as an influential and effective representative of retailers in the state and nation. 

One of a Kind Program with Big Involvement on Behalf of Small Businesses

The Washington Retail Association is the state’s only association exclusively dedicated to advocating the unique interests of retailers on legislative and regulatory issues. Its reach includes federal, state, and local governments, especially Seattle, which increasingly has been setting legal trends for the rest of the state.

Like-Minded Associations Join Together to Support the Retail Industry

Washington Retail represents more than 3,800 storefronts statewide that range from large national chains to small shops. Members include wholesalers, dealers, professional services, and mall owners and operators. Though a unique state association, Washington Retail maintains numerous partnerships with like-minded associations and chamber of commerce across the state and nation.


Sean Brownlee | Ravenox | Elected Vice Chair of 2020 | Washington Retail Association


Meet the Officers elected for the 2020 year Who Were Proud to Represent Washington Businesses

  • R. Burke, Director of State Government Affairs for Polaris, Inc. as Board Chair
  • Sean Brownlee, CEO of Ravenox, as Vice-Chair
  • Rob Jensen, COO/CFO of Lantern Press, as Treasurer
  • Lowell Gordon, Owner of The Creative Office, as Immediate Past Chair
  • Opio Dupree, VP of Government & Public Affairs for Macy’s, as Chair of the Government Affairs Committee
  • Theresa Treat, VP of People Services for Ben Bridge Jeweler, as Chair of the Human Resources Committee.

“Ours is a working board consisting of respected innovators who represent retailers from Main Street storefronts to online and multinational companies,” said the 2020 Board Chair, Burke. “Each and every member brings invaluable, leading-edge perspective to anticipate the needs and values of Washington’s retail consumers.”



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