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Almost everything we use and enjoy daily is manufactured somewhere and we rely on these items every day. Whether it's the computer, phone or tablet you're reading this on or the drawstrings in your window blinds at home and the cords in your jackets, someone made these items. Manufacturing is at the foundation of our lives and our economy. 

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Ravenox is proud to join the Manufactured in North Carolina Manufacturers Network. Manufacturers in North Carolina lead the world in many products and industries and Ravenox happily represents the rich textile heritage of Burlington, North Carolina; a city known as "The Hosiery Center of the South." Alongside prominent textile giants like Burlington Industries (Burlington Mills), Cone Mills, Copland Mills and Glen Raven Mills; Ravenox has joined the ranks of textile powerhouses to manufacture essential supplies our great nation needs. These companies manufacture military uniforms and equipment, socks, ropes and cords that are used globally. Today, Ravenox even makes cordage for face masks and medical gowns that are used as PPE for our front-line workers in our fight against COVID-19.

Ravenox North Carolina Rope Manufacturer

Ravenox will continue to advocate for the promotion and growth of manufacturing in North Carolina and throughout America. By enhancing the productivity, innovative capacity and technological performance of North Carolina based manufacturing businesses we can strengthen the global competitiveness of small and medium sized manufacturers who represent the backbone of our economy.  

Not only does Ravenox twist and braid ropes in Burlington, North Carolina, but much of the cotton yarn that goes into our best-selling twisted cotton ropes comes from North Carolina as well. The leading cotton-producing counties in North Carolina where Ravenox is headquartered, include Northampton, Halifax, Edgecombe, Martin, Bertie, Lenoir, Sampson, Pitt, Wilson, and Wayne counties.

Cotton Rope, Nylon Rope & Wire Rope

Ravenox is a family owned and operated business that offers a wide variety of high strength, abrasion resistant natural and synthetic ropes. Ravenox ropes are constructed in a variety of ways. Three strand twisted rope, solid braid rope, double braid rope, hollow braid rope, kernmantle rope, diamond braid rope, 12 x 12 rope and 12 strand ropes. Choose the fiber that suits your application from natural to synthetic. Ravenox ropes are made from cotton, Hemp, nylon, polypropylene rope, Manila, polyethylene, polyester, Kevlar®, Plasma, Spectra, HMPE, UHMWPE, polydacron, wire rope and rubber bungee cord. Call 1-844-627-5381 or email for more information.

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IQS Directory of Rope Manufacturers

There are multiple ways to search for rope manufacturers. One method is to use an IQS directory which provides you with information on rope companies and products. Find rope manufacturers who can design engineering and manufacture rope to your specification. The IQS has you covered. Search the IQS website or visit a manufacturer of ropes website that has rollover advertisements and detailed product descriptions. Connect with Ravenox using our easy and prompt Request for quotation form or order directly with our easy-to-use checkout. We're sure we can satisfy your requirements. Visit Ravenox online for more information and quotes.

Industry Net Featured Rope Supplier Ravenox Made in America Ropes

IndustryNet connects rope customers with industrial rope suppliers like Ravenox. Their data research team scours hundreds of sources to find manufacturers and suppliers, large and small. Search with confidence knowing that a qualified rope supplier can meet your needs and will be found right there. IndustryNet is a service of MNI, the nation's oldest and largest compiler and publisher of industrial data since 1912. From over 445,000 industrial suppliers, Ravenox is listed as the top featured rope supplier. 

USA Rope Sourcing Database

Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) rope company suppliers

Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) helps buyers source U.S. textile products and matches them with manufacturers and rope company suppliers like Ravenox for natural and synthetic ropes, twine, and cordage. Ravenox is proud to be registered as one of these rope textile manufacturing companies. 

OTEXA works with other Department of Commerce units and U.S. agencies in developing a public policy environment that advances U.S. competitiveness at home and abroad. A key to the successful efforts of OTEXA and other industry offices is our strong working relationship with trade associations and individual companies within the appropriate sectors.

Premium Rope & Twine Manufacturers

Ravenox is recognized as the premium brand in rope and cord products. A full range in rope products is offered by Ravenox. Browse our large online inventory and contact us today to start placing your order. We ship nationwide and can even deliver in the next day. Explore a wide range in rope fiber options of the highest quality. From cotton rope and Hemp rope to nylon and polypropylene rope, Ravenox makes it all. Choose from the largest stock of twine products in America. Explore industrial ropes - from offshore plasma lifting lines to Utility and RV winch lines and even theatrical rigging ropes. Contact Ravenox.

Amazon named Ravenox one of the best small businesses. Buy rope direct.

Ravenox has been recognized by Amazon as one of the top small businesses in America for manufacturing the highest quality ropes and cords, for our customer centricity and our inventory availability. Ravenox stands behind each product it makes and sells. We're a true manufacturer-direct to consumer-retailer.


Buy rope cord twine direct from an American Ropes manufacturer

Ropes of various woven cordage types have been used for transportation, suspension, watercraft, mooring lines, and others for transportation applications for tens of thousands of years. Rope manufacturers offer many kinds of rope including corded twine, nautical rope and elastic stranding. Synthetic woven ropes like nylon woven or polyester are stronger and make use of more advanced processing steps. The demand for ropes is enormous and used worldwide in construction, manufacturing, and arborist trade fields and in the recreation and hobby industries.

Maintenance Tips from Rope Suppliers

Rope Maintenance Tips from American Rope Company

The purpose of rope is directly proportional to their function. Before using, ensure your rope isn't damaged. Run your hand over the rope to feel for any breaks, cuts or damage that may be present. Don't place your cord or rope in a bag if there is any amount of moisture of water present. Do not leave rope in direct sunlight to protect the safety and strength of the rope. When left unmaintained, climbing ropes can rot faster than their actual predetermined life span. If your rope is made of synthetic polymers melt the cut piece of the rope to eliminate any potential spread of the cut or opening.


The words cordage and rope are interchangeable and the select use of the words depends on the diameter of the rope. In contextual terms, the difference between cordage and rope is that cordage is (nautical) a set of ropes and cords, especially that used for a ship's rigging while rope is (nautical) cordage of at least 1 inch in diameter, or a length of such cordage. As nouns the difference between cordage and rope is that cordage is (nautical) a set of ropes and cords, especially that used for a ship's rigging while rope is (uncountable) thick strings, yarn, monofilaments, metal wires, or strands of other cordage that are twisted together to form a stronger line. Typically, rope is used for lifting, transporting, tying, suspension, lifting, etc. It has a group of fibers twisted with each other into strands that are then strung together to form a rope. Often used as a verb, rope is used to mean to tie (something) with something, or the carrying of, tying, suspending, lowering, and lifting.

Rope Things to Consider.

Synthetic ropes - like nylon, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, Kevlar, and various copolymer blends tend to be stronger than natural fiber rope. It is advisable to visually inspect ropes for marks from rubbing on rough or sharp edges. When purchasing rope or considering hiring a manufacturer of rope, check for qualifications, industry certifications, experience, levels of supervision, insurance, and documentation. Ropes should be checked for fatigue resistance, break strength, and deformation as well as resistance to rotation.

American Cordage Institute | Certified American Rope Manufacturer

Ravenox is 1 of only 27 manufacturer members certified by the American Cordage InstituteThe Cordage Institute is a not-for-profit international trade association that was founded in the 1920's to promote and create rope and cordage safety standards. It is an organization of fiber rope manufacturers, users, and suppliers with the mission to “create value for its members by educating product users, the standards writing community, government agencies, and other entities on the proper use of industry products through the dissemination of standards.

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  • I am looking for 3/16 cotton rope for craft projects could you give me price on reels

    Anonymous on
  • I’m looking for a rope kit for an outdoor swing bed (1/2 day in sun). Approximate weight of bed – 200lbs. Would like it to hold an additional 400lbs(2 adults or 4 kids). Can be 4 separate lines(each corner). What do you recommend?

    Samantha G on
  • Hello,

    Are you able to accommodate twisted nylon rope in a color that resembles tiffany blue or baby blue? Based on experience and for purpose of tricep rope, is there a material better recommended? Twisted nylon or braided polypropylene rope?

    Thank you,

    Lindsey Konich on
  • l am intersted in a 7/32 dia. hammock rope material poly. not cotton. Could you quote price per pound, colour,and volumes required. Many thanks.

    Mac Kechnie on

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