Celebrating Textile Heritage: How Ravenox and Amazon Embrace the Threads of Tradition

A Legacy Woven with Thread and Tradition

The United States has a rich history in textiles, from the cotton fields of the South to the bustling fabric mills in the North. Amazon's latest office, Hank, located in the heart of NYC, is a prime example of how we can intertwine the past with the present. This former department store, which opened its doors in 1914, now stands as a testament to the lasting significance of textile heritage.

Textile art by Brit Kleinman adorning the Bird Cage workspace, inspired by the historic café, reflecting the building's deep-rooted textile heritage.

Image source: Hollis Johnson, "Amazon," 2023. Accessed via https://www.aboutamazon.com/news/amazon-offices/amazon-new-york-office-hank-photo-tour 

Ravenox: Keeping the Rope-Making Tradition Alive

Much like Amazon's focus on restoring and preserving textile heritage, Ravenox takes immense pride in manufacturing ropes and cords right here in the USA. Our commitment to quality, durability, and sustainability isn't just about business; it's about honoring the thousands of craftsmen and women who laid the groundwork for our industry.

Ravenox rope making machine keeping textile heritage alive

Design, Business, and Unique Spaces

Amazon's newest office space at Hank mirrors a blend of style and function. The different floor themes inspired by textiles, the unique lounges, and the commissioned textile artworks like the thread art textile sculpture spanning nine floors - all hearken back to the building's original purpose. Much like the varied fibers in a textile, these design elements come together to create a stunning, cohesive narrative of history and innovation.

Interior collage of Hank, highlighting the textile-inspired designs.

Image source: Hollis Johnson, "Amazon," 2023. Accessed via https://www.aboutamazon.com/news/amazon-offices/amazon-new-york-office-hank-photo-tour 

Ravenox’s Commitment to Visual Display and Design

At Ravenox, we understand that ropes and cords are more than functional tools. They're also elements of visual display, finding use in art installations, home decor, and more. Our design philosophy aligns with Amazon's emphasis on visual aesthetics, merging both tradition and innovation.

Close-up of Ravenox ropes used in a unique artistic display.

Textile Heritage: A Foundation for Business

Amazon's partnership with CUNY is a brilliant example of how traditional spaces can be repurposed for contemporary needs. Much like how Ravenox transforms age-old rope-making techniques into products fit for today's demands, Amazon's initiative bridges the past and the present, ensuring the textile heritage is never forgotten.

CUNY students utilizing the classroom space in Hank.

Image source: Hollis Johnson, "Amazon," 2023. Accessed via https://www.aboutamazon.com/news/amazon-offices/amazon-new-york-office-hank-photo-tour 

Celebrating the Threads that Bind Us

Both Amazon and Ravenox serve as shining examples of how businesses can play a pivotal role in keeping traditions alive. As we look to the future, let us always remember the threads of heritage that have woven the tapestry of our industry.

Inspirational image of a sunset over a textile mill, representing hope and continuity.

Source: Amazon's New York Office Photo Tour

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