How to Craft a Rope Letter

 How to Make Rope Letters

Have you ever seen a perfectly shaped letter made out of rope and wondered where they had been purchased? Well, search no more for the exact letters or word art you are looking for! Here's how to create your very own rope letters.
Rope Letters DIY Craft - Sea on Pillow

DIY Project for Word Art

Any fiber will work for this project, it's really down to personal preference for the fiber, color, and diameter of the rope. Natural fibers like hemp and twisted cotton typically work best for this DIY project because the look is a more authentic nautical theme. However, if the desired effect is focused on vivid or unique colors, nylon or twisted cotton rope in natural white are great choices and perfect for dying. A glue-based mixture that is simple to make and dries clear will turn any rope into the perfect rope letter ready to decorate and complement the theme of any room or bedroom. 

What You’ll Need To Make a Rope Letter:

  • Wax paper
  • Pencil
  • Several feet of rope, depending on the size of the letter
  • EMT Utility Shears
  • Disposable container
  • 4-ounce bottle school glue
  • 1/2-cup cornstarch
  • 1/4-cup water
  • Whisk, craft stick, or plastic spoon
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rope Letters - Step 1

    Once the size of the letter is chosen, cover the working area with wax paper. Make sure the area covered is large enough to fit the entire rope letter on the wax paper. 

    Rope Letters - Step 2

    Trace out the letter that the rope will be formed in to have a guide for the right shape.

    Rope Letters - Step 3

    Using the rope that was decided upon, practice laying it over the letter that was traced out on the wax paper. Cut and Finish the ends of the rope to the length needed for the letter. Make sure to tape the ends before the rope is cut.

    Rope Letters - Step 4

    To make the glue mixture, pour 4 oz. of regular white school glue in a disposable container that the length of rope will fit in. Mix together ½ cup of Cornstarch and ¼ cup of warm water into the glue. Stir with a whisk, craft stick, or plastic spoon until well combined. 

    Rope Letters - Step 5

    Grab the rubber gloves, this part is a little messy. Soak the rope in the glue until it is thoroughly coated. Remove the rope from the glue mixture and remove the excess with your hands. 

    Rope Letters - Step 6

    Lay the rope well coated in the glue mixture over the traced letter on the wax paper. Adjust the shape of the rope until it is perfectly crafted. Allow to dry overnight to make sure it is hardened before carefully lifting the rope letter away from the wax paper. 

    Rope Letter Construction Tips:

    The Rope Letter "F" Made of Small Diameter Rope

    DIY Rope Art Your Way

    Play around with the diameter or thickness of the rope depending on the size of the letters. Get really creative and try a large diameter rope with a parallel small diameter rope next to it to make a double line to match multiple colors in your décor. 

    Use a fishing line or needle and thread to make sure that letters like a capital “H” don’t come apart at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines.

    Rope Letters and Symbols

    If glue is just not your idea of fun, try thin floral wire! Carefully thread the floral wire through the center of the chosen rope and then shape the rope into the desired letter. Use protective gloves and eye protection to avoid any injuries.

    Easy, Personalized Rope Letter Gift Ideas

    DIY Craft Rope Letters - Love on Wood

    So, if it's a nautical theme or just a really cool decoration, rope letters are a really unique addition to any décor. Try different ropes, different backgrounds like wood or glass, and go crazy making rope letters for everyone! It’s a great idea for the perfect housewarming, cute birthday, or wedding gift made with love.

    Cordage & Rope Cotton Rope Decor DIY

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