Five Fun Gift and Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Every February 14th we look for ways to express our love to those who mean the most to us. Finding an original idea each year can be a challenge, but we have managed to come up with five fresh ideas that are unique and romantic revolving around one medium--ROPE! 

 1. Twisted Cotton Rope for The Handy-Man You Love

Ravenox Red Glitter Twisted Cotton Rope

The possibilities with our Twisted Cotton Rope are endless. Your handy-man will love having amazingly strong rope to utilize for the project of his choosing. Whether it's a rope swing for outdoors, soft handrails for his boat, tent line for his next camping excursion, or just equipment for him to use for anything that might pop up, we can guarantee that our one of a kind rope will be something he loves. Yes, it comes in many colors aside from red glitter, but c'mon! It's Valentine's Day!

DATE IDEA: Try taking your Valentine on a camping trip. Working together, disconnecting from the everyday hustle, bonding with no distractions, and unwinding in nature are just a few reasons that camping makes such a unique and intimate experience to share. 

2. Dog Leash for the Canine Love of Your Life

Ravenox Twisted Cotton Red Glitter Dog Leash

Our dogs are usually right at the top of mind when we think of warmth and tenderness. Leashes are something that elicit happiness when our canine companions see them. Twisted cotton rope leashes are strong and durable yet beautiful and soft allowing you to have complete security and comfort while going on those cherished walks with your pet. 

DATE IDEA: Your furry friend would follow you everywhere if he could. If it's cold, get bundled up and go to a local trail, beach ,or even just to your dog park to spend some extra special time together.

3. Macrame Cord for the DIY Craftswoman You Adore

Macrame Single Strand Cotton Cord for DIY Crafting

Sometimes even the most basic gifts can mean the most, especially when they are bought with the receiver's passion in mind. Perfect for every artisan, macramé cord is excellent for designing plant wall hangars, Bohemian Weddings Backdrop Arches, Dream Catchers, Home Décor Decorations, Crochet Baskets, tapestries, macramé wall hangings, boho design crafts and so much more. 

DATE IDEA: Sign up for a macramé class to take together. Craft classes encompass a range of different crafts couples can make together. When you're all done, take home some imperfectly perfect items. Learning something new with your significant other can bring you even closer together.

4. Homemade Decor Using Rope and Wood or Glass

Ravenox Valentine's Day Gift Idea for DIY using Rope and Wood or Glass

Making a project for yourself and your home is a great way to establish a staple in your living space that you can be proud of. A gift that you make for someone else may be even more special since the time and effort put into it is an excellent way to show that you care, a relatively simple way to express your devotion.

DATE IDEA: Rather than gifting this to someone, try making it with your partner or loved one. When you're finished, you will have a meaningful item that you crafted together. 

5. Gym Accessories for the Fitness Guru You Treasure


Manila rope has been used on naval vessels is the distant past. Most people prefer Manila rope largely because of its' good "hand" and ability to absorb perspiration in gymnasiums and obstacle course climbing systems and in a number of exercise and strength building applications like battle ropes. This rope is a great gift for a gym goer.

DATE IDEA: Fitness can be a love language. Dating can lead to adding extra calories in our lives so why not incorporate burning those calories into it as well? Healthy competition and breaking into a sweat with your partner is an awesome way to grow together.


Ravenox cotton rope is certified by the Seal of Cotton for its' authentic and iconic fiber content. You expect your rope to be made responsibly and we're committed to that end. Ravenox cotton ropes are natural, renewable and have environmentally friendly benefits. 

Ravenox Seal of Cotton


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