High-Performance Rope Slings and Heavy Lifting

Ravenox Synthetic Fiber Heavy Lifting Rope for Oil Rig Use

Recently, high-performance synthetic fiber rope slings have gained high visibility as a practical substitute to SWR slings or steel wire rope slings due to their natural attributes, identical load-bearing capacity for the same rope diameter, lighter weight, and more simplistic handling. These properties allow faster lifting operations because of customer-friendly ergonomics that come with fiber rope slings. In turn, this converts into paramount operational savings. 

These synthetic fiber rope slings have been used successfully in various offshore projects. However, extensive utilization of high-performance synthetic fiber rope slings has been impeded by their unfamiliarity in comparison with steel wire rope slings. The novelty of these rope slings has also obstructed use due to unknown performance capabilities, characteristics and discard criteria.

Ravenox Heavy Lifting Synthetic Fiber Rope for Use Offshore

To establish credence and inspire extensive employment of fiber rope slings, an industry leading Research & Development program has been conducted that reflects the production of high-performance fiber rope slings under pragmatic conditions to provide offshore installation companies with the capacity to decide and forecast fiber rope sling behavior for safe use in lifting projects.

Ravenox Heavy Lifting Synthetic Fiber Rope Slings for Oil Rig Use Offshore

Ravenox rope is available globally. Thus, you are guaranteed the continued supply, speedy service, and speedy delivery that comes along with the brand.

In addition, the R&D program included synthetic fiber rope slings' performance and operation in dynamic service contexts and specific hoisting settings where the combined result of interfaces, boundary conditions and failure modes were analyzed. 

Ravenox Heavy LIfting Synthetic Fiber Rope for use with Tugboats

The program's production has involved specific sling design information like bending efficiency reductions, precise stiffness figures (dynamic/static), temperature reaction of rope slings during operation, and other traits that can be used as advice for engineering lifting design computation.

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