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Ravenox - Seal of Cotton Certified

Ravenox Cotton Rope Seal of Cotton Certified

The Fabric of Our Lives

We all have our favorite pair of jeans and classic cotton tees that have stood the test of time.

These items endure because they’re crafted from a sustainable and quality fiber, one that’s woven through our culture in many unique and meaningful ways.

It’s this long-standing familiarity that elevates cotton, as represented by the Seal of Cotton trademark, from just another fiber to a symbol of significant moments in our lives.

Our cotton favorites tell stories of first dates, family dinners and personal triumphs, while cotton as a fiber continues to define fashion trends, outperform synthetics and uphold its place as The Fabric of Our Lives.

Since its creation in 1973, the Seal of Cotton trademark has become a globally recognized symbol associated with fashion, durability, quality and sustainability.

Ravenox cotton rope is certified by the Seal of Cotton for its' authentic and iconic fiber content. 

You expect your rope to be made responsibly and we're committed to that end. Ravenox cotton ropes are natural, renewable and have environmentally-friendly benefits. When it’s composted as disposal, cotton rope breaks down more readily than synthetic ropes in the environment. 

As cotton technologies evolve, they create opportunities to make cotton production, manufacturing and disposal less burdensome on the earth. In just the past few decades, U.S. cotton growers have made significant reductions in water use, land use and soil loss.

Stands Up to the Everyday

Ravenox cotton ropes are made from durable, long-lasting fibers. They stay strong after years of use, which is why people continually look to Ravenox and the Seal of Cotton trademark when they need a rope they can count on, from butchers twine to interior design.

Elite Performance in Every Style

Innovation is another reason to look for Ravenox cotton ropes and the Seal of Cotton trademark. Cotton’s versatility makes it ideal to enhance with technology or unique fabrications. Whether by nature or by design, cotton can outperform even the best synthetics. 

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