MIIS Honors Ravenox CEO for Volunteer Service

Special Thanks to MIIS Alumni For a Life of Volunteer Work and Service

One of our own recently went back to college to attend the graduation ceremony of his alma mater and accept an award for outstanding service through volunteer work in his community. Sean Brownlee, CEO of Ravenox, was awarded the 2019 Alumni Volunteer Service Award by the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) where he completed his chosen program and obtained his MBA in 2011. The Alumni Achievement Awards program launched in the Fall of 2011 by MIIS is a way to recognize the outstanding work being accomplished by Institute alumni for all of his volunteer work. The awards acknowledge professional success, service, and other values important to the Institute and its students. 

Sean Brownlee MIIS Middlebury Institute of International Studies Monterey California 2019 Alumni Achievement Award Winners

2019 Alumni Achievement Award Recipients with President Laurie Patton and Dean Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Ravenox Core Values

Volunteer work is a key part of Ravenox's corporate social responsibility program. While serving in the community and showcasing corporate culture, Sean embodies the Ravenox message of speaking and living by these values in his leadership of the organization and his life. 

Organizations Award Summary

Sean Brownlee is a Special Operations United States Marine with over 21 years of global service in Cuba, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and countries throughout the Middle East and Europe. In his current positions, he is the senior enlisted advisor for the west coast readiness support program involved in force readiness in the event of a national emergency. He spends his time planning to help the community with every need that might present itself during a crisis and is prepared to join in and offer his service to help those around him. He is also a foreign area regional affairs officer responsible for advising senior leaders on military operations with other nations and providing cultural expertise to forward deployed elements.

Sean Brownlee MIIS Speaking to Group Alumni Volunteer Service Award Monterey California 2019

 Sean's Call to Service Continues

After returning from revolutionary Cairo and working with the MIIS Frontier Market Scout program helping entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial incubators and startups, Sean formed several international retail companies and a U.S. based manufacturing business, Ravenox. He advocates for retail on the local and national level and has been recognized by Silicon Valley Business associations and by Amazon for his work on Capitol Hill. Sean serves on the board of directors for the Washington Retail Association advocating for statewide legislation and policies that reduce costs for retailers and consumers while encouraging economic growth and positive change while creating opportunities for all. In 2018 he was recognized by the National Retail Federation as an America’s Retail Champion distinguished finalist for his engagement in public policy contributions and services. 

Sean Brownlee MIIS Alumni Achievement Award 2019 Monterey California

Community Preparedness Planning for the Future

Promoting sustainable emergency preparedness solutions throughout Monterey County, Sean serves on the board of directors for the Community Emergency Response Volunteers, a local non-profit dedicated to supporting FEMA emergency programs and personal preparedness in our community. His help can be felt as he assists victims of fires and disasters through the state of California. His continued outreach and support to the Institute can be seen in his mentorship of students in a variety of courses and programs ranging from Lean Startup Methods to the Frontier Market Scout programs as well as through new student recruiting initiatives.  

Thank you Sean for everything you do for our community and our company! We are proud to have such a strong leader to learn from that creates opportunities and helps develop skills through experience, volunteer work, and service.

To learn more about Sean or to contact him to learn how to volunteer your time in the community visit: www.seanbrownlee.com We all have skills that are special and can help provide great service to our neighbors and communities. Each one of us can make a difference through public service and volunteering our time in a local program or join organizations whose goal is to create new opportunities through service.

California Senator Bill Monning and Dean of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies Jeff Dayton-Johnson with Sean Brownlee

Sean Brownlee with Dean of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies Jeff Dayton-Johnson and California Senator Bill Monning

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  • Hello Sean Brownlee, Master Sgt, Marines, Retired,
    I am honored to read about you and find that you have succeeded In the manufacturing world as a Military veteran. My father, age 89, is a 20 year US Army veteran, Major, Retired. He and my mom, age 87, are my heroes. I look up to you, too. Military personnel ARE my heroes!
    Thank you for your service,
    Susan Everett Breton

    Anonymous on

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