Cotton Rope Scratch Posts for Tigers and Bobcats

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Ravenox is pleased to have had the opportunity to donate twisted cotton rope to the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary (IEAS) in Boyd, Texas. The rope has provided the animals with the opportunity to engage in natural behaviors they would have in the wild, as well as a lot of entertainment, and will continue to do so for many years in the future.

Information below provided by the IEAS:

"Providing enrichment to the animals is a huge part of our daily routine because it greatly improves the quality of our animals' lives. Transforming old logs into scratch posts using rope makes for great enrichment. In the wild, cats will scratch trees to mark their territory, or to remove the dead outer layer of their claws. Scratching is an instinctive, natural, and healthy behavior for cats, both large and small, that should not be discouraged. With these new scratch posts, we will hopefully not have to worry about them scratching and destroying the living trees in their habitats."

 Bobcat Cat Scratch Post Ravenox Cotton Rope

"Ruby and Jewel are two bobcats that call IEAS home. They both arrived here as kittens that were taken out of the wold by hikers that thought their mothers had abandoned them. Providing for exotic animals such as Ruby and Jewel comes with a lot of responsibility and demands that we strive to meet everyday for our animals through mental and physical stimulation and enrichment. The scratch post that we were able to make for them with the donated rope will be great for them to dig their claws into and get many hours of enjoyment out of."

Bobcat Cat Scratch Post Ravenox Cotton Ropes

"Luna is a 16 year old serval who was privately owned before he found a home at IEAS. His previous owner unfortunately declawed him, however that won't stop him from using the the scratch post to rub up against. This will help him groom himself and keep his fur clean and healthy."

Tiger Cat Scratch Post Ravenox Cotton Rope

Ravenox twisted cotton rope is made here in the USA from non-toxic yarns that are safe for all animals both large and small.

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