3 DIY Halloween Ideas with Rope

Whether you’re experienced in creating awesome Halloween decorations or getting crafty for the first time, these DIY Halloween decoration ideas will make it easy to spook up your home.

DIY Rope Halloween Decoration Ideas - Featured

Halloween Decoration Idea #1 – A Rope Wreath

Are you having trouble finding suitable materials for your Halloween wreath? You can go with orange paracord or choose our Halloween rope.

 Halloween Rope By Ravenox

With its orange and black color combination, this rope is perfect for adding some extra spookiness to your front door. The rope is made of high-quality twisted cotton, easy to tie in knots and splice, which makes it durable, soft, and very versatile – you can use it to make all sorts of rope Halloween decoration ideas without any discomfort caused by other types of rope.

For this rope Halloween decoration idea, you’ll need a wreath frame made of styrofoam,

about 100 feet of our Halloween rope or twisted cotton rope (depending on the frame’s size), a hot glue gun, and glue sticks.


To attach the hanger, cut about 2 feet of the rope and glue it to the back of the styrofoam frame using the hot glue gun. Let it cool, then start wrapping the rope around the frame (make sure to skip the spot where the hanger will be glued).

DIY Rope Halloween Decoration Ideas - How to Make a Rope Halloween Wreath

As you wrap the rope around the Styrofoam frame, make sure to keep the rope very tight and snug against the previous wrap. It’s super simple to create this decorative piece. All you have to do is wrap and glue the final ends to the Styrofoam!

To really add to the wreath, you can add extra Halloween decorations, such as mini pumpkins, pinecones, or fall leaves. When you’re done, all you need to do is install a secure nail or hook on your door and hang the wreath using the Halloween rope or our twisted cotton rope.

Halloween Decoration Idea #2 - No-Carve Pumpkin Decorated with Rope

Want a festive decoration with (almost) zero effort? Skip pumpkin carving and do rope! We have a super simple DIY Halloween decoration idea for you.

All you have to do is create circular rope designs on your pumpkin! There are nearly no materials needed, just twisted cotton rope and glue.

Cut the twisted cotton rope into different lengths. Attach the rope to the pumpkin in coils of various sizes using a hot glue gun. Start with the larger coils first, then fill in the spaces in between with the smaller ones.

This one is super easy and is a fast way to add some nice flair to your fall-themed Halloween decorations. It goes perfectly alongside scarecrows, hay, and is a perfect way to spruce up your pumpkin patch!

DIY Rope Halloween Decoration Ideas - How to Make a Rope Pumpkin

Halloween Decoration Idea #4 – Rope Basket For Trick or Treaters Candy

This Halloween decoration idea works for a few reasons. First, you can fill it with fall leaves or pumpkins and voila! you have a simple but effective decoration for your porch. Creating a set of 4-5 different baskets ranging in size can be a beautiful addition to your front porch or pumpkin patch. 

Although, probably the best use for this rope Halloween decoration is to make a variety of baskets each with a different candy in them for your trick or treaters. As a child, being able to choose your favorite candy from a variety of choices is one of those things that makes your house stand out from the rest of your neighborhood.

You can have candy in 3 baskets, Halloween rope bracelets in another, and small toys in a third which give every kid who visits your house a unique experience to bring smiles to their faces.

To make it, you’ll only need a sewing machine and rope.

DIY Rope Halloween Decoration Ideas - How to Make a Rope Basket


To make the handles, take 3 pieces of rope, stitch the ends, braid together, then stitch the other end.

Using parchment paper, wrap a metal or plastic pot that is the size rope basket you would like to make.

Starting with the base, begin to wrap your twisted cotton rope (looks best if you braid two strands of rope together) into a circle to match the size of your basket, using glue to secure each rope layer.

Once you have the base complete, start to wrap the metal or plastic pot with your rope, gluing the rope to the parchment paper as you go to make sure your basket is sturdy.

Create a new layer of braided rope until each layer of your basket is complete. Before making the final two or three rows of braid, sew (or glue) the handles in between two rows.

If you are using this to hold candy for trick or treaters, you probably won’t even need the handles, so just remove the metal or plastic pot frame and your basket is done!

We Hope You Enjoy These DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Rope is definitely one of the most inexpensive ways to prepare for the Halloween season, even those last-minute ones.

On top of the Halloween decorations mentioned above, you can use our Halloween rope for hanging all sorts of decorations round the house, be it bats, spiders, hanging skeletons or any other decorations you normally use to decorate your house with for the spooky season.

Another last suggestion for using Halloween rope is to make simple Halloween bracelets for your gang of trick-or-treaters.

We also have a video to show you exactly how our Twisted Cotton Rope is made. We take great pride in being able to supply you with the very best materials you need to make your house the Halloween hit of the neighborhood!

Have a very happy (and spooky) Halloween!

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