Fall Decorating Ideas - DIY Fall Decor Ideas with Rope

If you want to have amazing fall décor in your home and save money, these inexpensive fall decorating ideas with rope may be just right for you.

DIY Fall Decorating Ideas - Fall Decor Ideas with Rope - Featured

Not only are they budget-friendly, but these fall decorating ideas are also quick and easy – most of the projects described in this article will take you no more than 20 minutes!

The Best Rope for Your Fall Decorating Ideas

If you’re wondering which type of rope is best for each of these DIY fall décor ideas, we suggest either our Autumn Harvest twisted cotton rope to match the Halloween/Fall theme.

 DIY Fall Decorating Ideas - Ravenox Autumn Harvest Twisted Cotton Rope

Or you can use our standard Tan Twisted Cotton Rope for the more traditional Fall look.

DIY Fall Decorating Ideas - Ravenox Tan Twisted Cotton Rope

This rope is very soft and flexible, easy to tie in knots and splice which makes each of these DIY Fall Decoration projects simple and easy for you to complete.

Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Home

#1 Rope Pumpkin

When it comes to DIY fall decorating ideas with rope, this one is nice and easy. It only requires rope, scissors, and 5 minutes of your time!

Here is how to make the pumpkin:

DIY Fall Decorating Ideas - Rope Pumpkin Decoration                                   Image credit: simplygoud.blogspot.com
  • Cut about 16 feet of rope. Hold one end in your palm and start wrapping into circles (about 4’’ in diameter). The final piece (which will be the stem) should stick up about 5’’.
  • Pull out and cut a piece of twine (about 10’’ long). Tie it in a knot, then move in circles to form the pumpkin.
  • Unravel the piece rope to make the stem.
  • Optionally, you can add a leaf made of burlap or stuff the pumpkin with raffia, orange netting, or battery lights.

#2 Simple Fall Rustic Mantel and a Garland Made of Fall Leaves

To make this easy rustic mantel, wrap our autumn harvest or tan twisted cotton rope around votive holders several times and tie in a knot. Optionally, you can add fall leaves between the votives and rope, as well as mini pumpkins on top of the votives.

DIY Fall Decorating Ideas - Garland Made of Leaves & Twisted Cotton Rope

                                                Image credit: timberlakevillage.com

For an extra autumn flair, make a garland of colorful fall leaves. Fasten the leaves to a rope using a wire, then attach the garland to the mantel.

#3 Hot-Air Balloon Squash

Have you seen a squash turn into a hot-air balloon? Since the Hubbard squash resembles the hot-air balloon’s shape, it is a perfect choice for this DIY fall décor idea.

DIY Fall Decor Ideas - Hot Air Balloon Squash Basket

                                        Figure 1Image credit: countrylivingmagazine.com

Start with overlapping electrical tape in different colors. Next, attach a string to the squash’s pointy end using a thumbtack or a nail and thread it through a small basket. To prevent the basket from being too heavy, fill about half of it with newspaper sheets. Place mini pumpkins on top. Place a hook into the squash’s stem and tie a rope around it to hang.

#4 Rope Letters

What better way to welcome fall than by writing it in giant letters on the wall? For this fall décor idea, you will only need water, cornstarch, and some school glue. If you want to add some extra pop, use some food coloring as well.

Note: Make sure to measure the wall space so that you know how big your letters will be.

  • Pour the glue into a large bowl. Add 1/4 cup of lukewarm water and half a cup of cornstarch. Mix until smooth. Lay down a sheet of wax paper (if your letters are going to be big, use two big sheets of wax paper). Make marks with a pencil to serve as guidelines.
  • It’s a good idea to draw the word on the wax paper before gluing the rope. After that, place the rope over the drawn letters to estimate the length of rope you’ll need. It’s a good idea to leave some additional rope and trim the surplus after you’re done.
  • Dip the rope into the water-cornstarch-glue mix, making sure it is completely coated. Place the rope on the wax paper following the marks. At this point, the rope is white from the glue but it will soon dry clear. Top with another piece of wax paper and add some books for weight to ensure all parts of the rope are equally flat. Leave it to dry for 24 hours.
  • Remove the rope carefully from the wax paper. If some pieces break, correct them using a small amount of hot glue. Hold the rope letters up on the wall and make pencil marks where the nails will be. Hang the rope letters.

Fall Decorating Ideas for Outside

When it comes to bringing the autumn flair to your home, don’t focus only inside. Think about decorating your porch, front door, and staircase with these fall decorating ideas for outside your house.

#5 Corn Garland

To make this beautiful corn garland, wrap a piece of rope with corn stalks, dried grass, and broomcorn. Use a wire to secure the corn in place and top with raffia. You can hang the garland on the mantel or on the front door.

DIY Fall Decor Ideas - Corn Garland with Twisted Cotton Rope

                                        Figure 2Image credit: houseofhawthornes.com

#6 Pine Cone Garland

For this simple garland, you’ll need a bunch of pine cones from your backyard or the park (about 10 should do), some rope (about 6 feet) and the following:

10 screw eyes

Aluminum foil

Baking dish



Electric drill (cordless, handheld)

Gold metallic leafing paint

Gold ribbon (6 yards)

Small nails

DIY Fall Decoration Ideas - Pine Cone Garland with Twisted Cotton Rope

                                          Image credit:factorydirectcraft.com
  • Start by baking the pinecones in order to clean them and help them open completely. Heat the oven to 250o Line a baking dish with some aluminum foil, then place the pine cones and bake for about 1 hour. Flip every 15-20 minutes. Allow the pine cones to cool for 20 minutes. If you’re using store-bought pine cones, you don’t need to bake the them.
  • When the pine cones are cool, check once more for remaining dirt and remove it using tweezers. Using a paintbrush, paint the pine cones’ tips with gold metallic leafing paint, then allow it to dry for about half an hour.
  • When the paint is dry, place the screw eyes (metal hooks) using a handheld drill.
  • Cut a piece of ribbon (about 16 inches long) with the scissors and slip it through the screw eye. Repeat for all the pine cones.
  • Cut the length of rope you’ll need. Tie the gold ribbons around the rope to attach the pine cones. Make sure there’s enough space between the cones (about 8’’ plus 8’’ at every end of the rope). Use small nails to hang the garland.

We’re proud to offer you the highest quality rope and best prices to help you complete all your decorating projects quickly and easily.

Hopefully, these DIY Fall Decorating ideas will help spruce up your home for the Fall and Halloween season!

DIY Fall Decorating Ideas - Ravenox Autumn Harvest Scarecrow Twisted Cotton Rope

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