DIY High Quality Halloween Decorations & Rope Decorations

 Ravenox Halloween Rope Trick or Treat Bowl Ravenox is happy to present our Orange & Black Twisted Cotton Halloween Decoration Rope Halloween Rope Decorations. Still super soft and durable, it is the perfect item to add some extra Halloween flair to your costumes and Halloween decorations. It’s made in the United States with the highest quality materials. It’s very durable and easy to tie in knots and splice, making it useful and versatile for your do-it-yourself Halloween costume or rope decorations. Also, because it is made from cotton, the softest of all natural fibers, you can easily avoid the discomfort caused by other types of rope. It’s that time of the year again -- Pumpkins, ghosts, candy, costumes and decorations. Halloween is a fun time for both kids and adults alike. From the eye-catching costumes to the spooky high-quality Halloween decorations, to the carefully carved pumpkins, it’s also a great time for you to show off your creative muscles. If you’re looking to get started with your decorations and costume ideas, we have the perfect item to give your creative Halloween project a huge boost.




Ravenox Halloween Rope Costume Bondage

Don’t have any costume or Halloween decoration ideas this year? Don’t worry, we can kickstart your brainstorming process and show you a few ways the Twisted Cotton Rope could be used with your decorations:

Halloween Rope Spider Web

Increase the spookiness of your haunted house or front door by making a tangled spider web. The main item needed for this project is…you guessed it, Rope! And our Halloween Twisted Cotton rope is the most versatile for rope decorations out there for this crafty project as it’s easy to tie in knots and splice. If you want a bit of variety for your web, the Twisted Cotton Halloween Rope is also available in orange, black, white and various colors to suit your Halloween decoration needs.


Scarecrows are a staple in Halloween decorations, and you can add some more Halloween spirit to your decorations with a scarecrow. Also, you can’t go wrong with a scarecrow costume on Halloween. The softness and durability of the Twisted Cotton Rope makes it an ideal item for holding different parts of your scarecrow Halloween decoration or costume in place. Cotton rope is also ideal in situations involving direct exposure to sunlight as it’s not susceptible to UV damage like synthetic rope.  

Hanging Props and Decor

Hanging props are a great way to make your haunted house or Halloween decorations even more awesome. Use our durable Twisted Cotton Halloween rope to hang everything from cool lights to ghosts and skeletons. With a variety of colors and lengths to choose from, you can run wild with your creativity and bring more life to your ideas with simple rope decorations.

                  Ravenox Halloween Rope Costume        Ravenox Halloween Rope Bowl

 Ravenox Halloween Rope Costume Leash

Be sure to check out our online store or get the Ravenox Twisted Cotton Halloween Rope and other cool items for your DIY high-quality Halloween decorations and projects.


Cordage & Rope Halloween

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