Twisted Manila Rope

Are you in need of twisted manila rope? Ravenox has you covered. We offer the best manila rope available on the market. Our rope is perfect for all your landscaping, gardening, interior decorating, and general outdoor usage requirements. Strong and rustic, our three strand manila rope is durable for all your heavy-duty projects and flexible enough for delicate handcrafts and art projects. The 100% natural manila fibers are worked with special oils which allow it to resist rain and moisture damage, resulting in a strong product that will last you through the seasons. All of our rope products are American-made and manufactured, so no matter if you need 1" manila rope or 2" manila rope, you can count on a quality product that is made with care.

Manila rope, often simply referred to as hemp, has been used for thousands of years because of its strong properties. Made from the abaca plant, this rope is most commonly what comes to mind when one thinks of rope. Easy to grip and absorbent when it comes to perspiration, manila rope is often used in gymnasiums for climbing, in addition to being the go-to rope for the all too classic competition: tug of war. Unlike synthetic ropes, manila ropes do not snap back, that way there is a minimized risk of injury after a lot of tugging.

Manila rope is still most often the number one choice when it comes to towing, climbing, making safety lines, landscaping, in addition to much else. Because it is resistant to saltwater damage, twisted manila ropes are often used for fishing nets, as they can be used over and over again without decaying. They are also very helpful when it comes to docking boats. Often you will see these ropes keeping boats moored. For contractors, manila ropes are useful because they do not melt easily, meaning they can be used reliably when working with or around electrical wires.

Manila ropes are also environmentally friendly, because of their decomposability. For this reason, landscapers will often use twisted manila rope for fence rails, along pathways, and for other outdoor decorative purposes. Manila ropes enjoy rather universal usage, as they have been tested time and again for thousands of years. Outdoorsmen like hunters, boaters, and fishermen make wide use of the material for their trade.

For all of its tough and brawny qualities, however, manila rope is also enjoyed for its utility for interior design and decorating. Twisted manila rope can be used to craft items like braided mats, pendant lights, light shades, hanging lanterns, room dividers, coasters, handrails, ottomans, handles, and much, much more. If you're trying to evoke a rustic or nautical feel in your home, event space, etc., manila rope can provide all the utility you're looking for. Purchase 1" manila rope, 2" manila rope, or in other customizable sizes to get the most out of the time-tested, vintage product.

All Ravenox rope products are manufactured from the finest materials and designed with meticulous attention to detail. Buy 1" manila rope, 2" manila rope, or more from Ravenox today.



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