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Ravenox will ship orders to customers in the United States, US Protectorates and the US Military using APO & FPO addresses.  

The following are estimated times depending on where orders are being sent (this list is an estimate and certain states, US Protectorates, or otherwise may still have slightly different ship times and fees):


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Please note: We try to ship within 72 hours after an order is placed.  However, ship times may be affected by longer lead times.  We try to keep you updated when a specific product has a longer lead time by making a note on the website.  

For more details about shipping please check out our Shipping Information – Ravenox

Unfortunately, if the order has already shipped, we are unable to cancel it. You may return merchandise purchased within 30-days of the original ship date. The merchandise total, plus any applicable sales tax paid will be refunded.

If you return any part of an order that was part of a promotion, your refund may be reduced. Please use 'standard ground shipping' when returning items. Reimbursement will be made at this rate only. Please allow up to two billing cycles for the return credit to show on your credit card or other method of payment. Once your package is received, you may begin the return process by clicking here.  Enter your order number and zip code, then select 'Look Up Order' and follow instructions provided. 

Complete return details can be viewed on our Return/Refund Policy.  

Please note that we do not currently offer international shipping. A US 'freight forwarder' company would need to be used for shipping to your destination.

Register for a US shipping address by following this link After registration is completed, orders may be placed directly through Ravenox's website. Please note that we are not affiliated with, or guarantee the services of, any particular freight forwarding company and can only give recommendations based on what our previous customers have used in the past.

We see an increase in delays during the holiday season. It takes much longer for packages to be scanned and processed due to the high volume of packages handled.  It is stated that UPS and USPS along with other carriers are experiencing extreme increases in the volume of packages due to pandemic restrictions, along with staff shortages due to COVID-19.  There have been times where tracking information is not updated when packages are picked up from our warehouse or before they are actually delivered.  

Using your tracking number that is emailed to you when a package is shipped you can go to the carrier’s site and track the package.  Please note that due to the occurrences of packages being scanned or not being scanned by the carriers you should give the package a couple of days to arrive or check other houses near you for the package.  If the package still does not arrive a claim will need to be filed with the carrier.  A claim number will need to be provided for a refund or replacement. 

Please also make sure to check the website, there are times when a longer lead time is expected and this information is typically listed on the website to avoid confusion.  

Once a package has left the Ravenox facility, tracking the package will have to be done through the carrier.

Please note that the carriers are frequently marking packages delivered when they were not, possibly due to the extremely high volume of packages they are handling during the pandemic. Carriers are scanning packages as delivered before they even leave the distribution center for delivery. Packages usually show up within a few days.

Please check with other members of your family and neighbors to see if they could have received it. If you do not receive your package in four business days then it should be researched further.

Please contact your local post office so the mail carrier who delivered the package can be contacted to provide specific information on where and when the package was delivered (front door, mailbox, etc). If this turns out to be mail theft, your local office will proceed with the next steps.

Per USPS it is best to contact them by 8:30am, before the carriers leave the facility so they can speak with them directly. You may look up the contact number for your local post office by clicking here.  

If a package cannot be located in this way a claim will need to be filed with the carrier.  A claim number will need to be provided for a refund or replacement.  

At Ravenox, we are committed to ensuring the security and privacy of our customers' information. As such, we currently do not accept orders over the phone. This decision is in line with our dedication to uphold the highest standards of credit card authorization processes and to adhere strictly to our privacy policy. We encourage our customers to place their orders through our secure online platform, which is designed to protect your personal and payment information effectively. If you have any concerns or need assistance with your online order, our customer support team is here to help you every step of the way.


Please note: Items must be returned in the original condition received – unused, unwashed, uncut and accompanied by original packaging including tags.

Merchandise purchased from our website must be returned within 30 days of the original ship date during non-holiday months (January – October). Purchases made during the holiday months (November – December) must be received no later than January 31st of the New Year. We recommend shipping the parcel to our returns center by a carrier that provides both insurance and tracking, to ensure your return reaches the destination and is fully credited.

Items must be returned in the original condition that it was received – unused, unwashed, uncut and accompanied by original packaging including tags. Please allow up to 14 business days for processing the return and 1-2 billing cycles for the credit to show on your method of payment depending on the credit card issuer or bank timeline.

The merchandise total, plus applicable sales tax paid will be refunded. Some items may incur a restocking fee. If you return any part of an order that was part of a promotion, your refund may be reduced. Shipping and handling charges and return shipping fees are not refundable unless the item was defective or is an item you did not order. 

Return address: Ravenox, 2824 Anthony Road, Burlington, NC, 27215.

Customers can initiate returns by clicking the link in the Return/Refund Policy – Ravenox

To cancel an order please submit your order cancellation request to

Our return policy can be viewed HERE.


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It is a pleasure to see veterans join together, and our teams here at Ravenox thank you for your service!

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Ravenox does not permit resale of any of its products, in a significantly unaltered form.

Rope Guide

Ravenox can treat any rope and certify it NFPA 701 standards. We can also provide lab certification of flame retardancy. We provide a certificate of treatment on all ropes that are finished with FlameGard ®. For most of our clients, this meets their needs. For projects that require the finished rope to meet specific fire codes, we can also provide a certificate of flame retardancy. This certifies that your rope was tested after our application by an independent laboratory and is certified to meet the applicable codes. At Ravenox, we do not treat our ropes with fire retardants at our factory; treat it today for a safe tomorrow.

The following link will direct you to the page on our website where you can view detailed information:

Our Twisted Cotton Rope is the most popular rope material for dog leashes. The following link will direct you to the page on our website where you can view the Ravenox Twisted Cotton Dog Leashes.

We recommend using our Twisted Cotton Rope (Natural), which is 100% cotton. Cotton rope is great for pet toys that may be ingested not to mention good for doggy dental health.

The most common way for ropes to be used in a wedding is a Handfasting Ceremony.  The Handfasting Ceremony is highly customizable, as various colors of rope and ribbon can be used to symbolize different themes and commitments made to one another. The ancient Celtic tradition uses 13 ribbons, each with a different meaning.

Red – will, love, strength, fertility, courage, health, vigor, passion 

Orange – encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, plenty, kindness

Yellow – attraction, charm, confidence, balance, harmony

Green – fertility, luck, prosperity, nurturing, beauty, health, love

Dark Blue -for a safe journey, longevity & strength 

Light Blue – tranquility, understanding, patience, health

Purple – healing, health, strength, power, progress

Black – strength, empowerment, wisdom/vision, success, pure love

White – spiritual purity, truth, peace, serenity and devotion

Gray – balance, neutrality

Pink – love, unity, honor, truth, romance, happiness

Brown – for healing, skills & talent, nurturing, home & hearth, the earth

Silver – for creativity, inspiration & vision, and protection

Gold – unity, longevity, prosperity, strength

For more information on handfasting ceremonies please visit: Wedding Handfasting Rope Ceremony | How To Select Ropes and Colors – Ravenox

The following rope sizes are commonly used for hammocks: 3/16-in twisted cotton rope / 4.7mm or 1/4-in twisted cotton rope / 6.3 mm. We suggest the thicker 1/4-inch cord, as it has a higher tensile strength, and will feel softer for the end user. Ravenox makes this rope in more than 20 colors. We also make "three-strand" custom color combinations with any of our standard colors for the perfect unique hammock for your backyard.

UnManila rope is frequently used for tree, bed, and chair swings for its natural appearance. This rope is synthetic so it will stand the environment well and will not rot or break down in wet environments like natural fiber ropes. Ravenox Twisted UnManila Rope (ProManila) | Multiple Diameter Options

Solid Braid Polypropylene is another popular choice, if you have a color preference. It is available in several colors, it is strong, lightweight, waterproof, and holds a knot well. This is also a a synthetic rope. Solid Braid Polypropylene Utility Rope | 100's of Colors – Ravenox

We recommend at least 5/8" or larger for swing applicationsThe "Working Load" of both the above-mentioned ropes can be viewed by scrolling down the page and selecting the "Specification" section.

Polyester Flagpole Halyard rope is commonly used for flagpole applications. Ravenox Reinforced Flagpole Halyard Rope | Polyester Line & Wire Core is the rope of choice for flags. Polyester ropes don't stretch or fade like nylon ropes.

Manila Rope originated in the Philippines where its material, abaca, is one of their main, natural resources. Abaca is closely related to the banana plant and is a natural fiber known for its resistance to rot and the ability to absorb water.  For more detailed information on Manila Rope visit:

UnManila also known as ProManila, this rope is made with tan polypropylene, a man-made fiber, to make it look more like Manila while adding more resistant features. The synthetic fibers used in UnManila Rope give it protection against rot, mold, mildew, and ultraviolet light allowing it to retain its strength and last longer than Manila.  For more detailed information on UnManila Rope visit:

In order to make a Manila rope from the plant material, the material is first processed, cleaned, oiled, and turned into long strands of the natural fiber.  The fiber strands are then used to make long, continuous fibers – this constitutes the “yarn” from which the ropes are made.  The “yarn” is twisted to create the Manila Rope.  For more information about Ravenox’s Manila Rope and its uses visit:

Solid braid ropes have a solid braid core. That means that there is not a discernible difference between the cover and the core. They’re all braided together. Solid braid ropes cannot be spliced together and they must be clamped or sewn together. 

Better yet!  Check out Ravenox’s Youtube video of how a solid braid utility rope is made: 

All Things Cotton Rope

Although our “natural white” cotton rope is not organic, it is 100% cotton. Ravenox cotton rope is certified by The Seal of Cotton for Its authentic and iconic fiber content and is grown in North Carolina. It accepts dyes very well due to its natural fibers. 

Our colored cotton rope variants are made with upcycled cotton yarn and are also environmentally friendly.

Learn more about these ropes and how Ravenox strives to make good choices for our environment by following this link:

Ravenox has partnered with Recover to provide the most sustainable colored yarns the industry can provide. Recover develops and manufactures low-impact high-value upcycled yarns for all types of fashion, accessory, and home textile products. We're proud to implement their yarns into our ropes. Recover yarn that is used in Ravenox Cotton Rope is Dye-Free. No dyes are used to match colors with Recover cotton fibers. No water is used, and no chemical products are used.

The following link will direct you to the page on our website where you can view detailed information.

The short answer is yes.  We only use 100% cotton yarns in making our natural white ropes and they are the best for absorbing dyes.  While there are many dying techniques, we do not dye our ropes, but we encourage you to find a dying technique that you like the best and have at it!

We offer triple strand twisted cotton rope in requested color combinations with a few requirements. 

  • There is a $35 set up fee per color combination.
  • There is a 10 spool minimum per color combination.
  • Delivery dates are flexible because lead times fluctuate between yarn colors
  • We can not guarantee that we will offer the same color combinations that were previously ordered in the future.
  • To place an order for custom rope, you should contact

Ravenox offers sample packs of Twisted Cotton Rope for $5.95. This item is FREE with any $35.00 purchase or more. Please add the Twisted Cotton Rope Sample Pack to your cart along with your other items and use code: FREESAMPLE at checkout.  

Our sample packs can be found here.

Twisted cotton rope is made by twisting three separate strands of rope together during the production process. Solid braid rope is a complex firm, round, braided cord.

Hardware Guide

The inner dimensions of the 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch rope clamps are the same measurement, 13/16". The difference between the two sizes is that the prongs on the 5/8-inch clamps are longer.

The 3/8" Brass Plated bolt snap is 2-1/8" long.

The 3/8" Solid Brass bolt snap is 2-1/4" long.

Ravenox Cord Locks are made out of polyoxymethylene also known as acetal plastic. This is a thermoplastic material that is widely used in automotive and electronic industries.

DIY & How To

Since the answer to this question is a little more involved, we want you to know that Ravenox has the best DIY dog leash guide with the best rope on the market!  

For a step-by-step guide for a Ravenox DIY Dog Leash, visit our step by step tutorial or view the video below. 

The Halyard rope is threaded through the pulley at the top of the flagpole and then tied around the cleat at the bottom.  This video details step by step instructions on how to update your Halyard rope.   

Back-splicing is simple and very effective.  It also doesn’t require any materials other than the rope itself, and it doesn’t affect the tensile strength of the rope.

To execute a back splice:

  1. Unravel some of your twisted rope’s end it depends on how much of your rope you want to secure back into the rope.  Two or Three tucks is all that is really required to produce a secure back splice.
  2. Create a crown knot.
    1. Separate the three strands so they are each pointing away from the rest of the rope.
    2. Take one strand and place it counterclockwise over the adjacent strand.
    3. Take the strand that you crossed over with the first strand and place it counterclockwise over both other strands.
    4. The last strand’s end will go through the loop created by the first strand.
    5. Tighten the knot – this should create a triangle at the end of the rope.
  1. Take one end and go over the strand nearest to that end, then under the strand nearest to that.
  2. Take the next strand, go over the strand nearest to that end, and under the next nearest strand.
  3. Take the last strand, go over the strand nearest to that end, and under the next strand nearest to that.
  4. Repeat this part of the process until the ends are completely braided back into the rope.  

For a video tutorial, please check out the following video:

To cut and seal the ends of a synthetic rope you will need paper masking tape, scissors (EMT/medical shears are recommended especially to cut larger diameter ropes), and a lighter (a torch lighter may be preferable but not a necessity).

Please be careful when using this technique that you do not burn yourself on the flame or the melted fibers of the rope before they cool.

  1. Wrap the paper masking tape around the rope very tightly.  
  2. Cut the rope in the middle of the masking tape to the desired length.
  3. Using the lighter, burn the end of the rope (the tape will probably catch fire, just shake it out). 
  4. Allow the rope to cool entirely.
  5. Remove the tape to expose the new end of your synthetic rope.

For a video tutorial, please check out the following video:


When joining two solid braid ropes it is best to use the “Manny Method” because this method is the most durable and the melting method won’t work if you have two different materials of solid braid rope.  

To use the “Manny Method” you will need:

  1. Cut the ends of the cords that you want to join.
  2. Pull the inner strands out a little bit and cut those off as well.
  3. Pull the outer sheath over the inner threads.
  4. Burn the ends of the sheath to make sure they don’t fray.
  5. Using the opposite end of one of the ropes, attach a lacing needle to the end of the rope that was not cut or burned.
  6. Pierce the end that was cut/burned of the other rope with the lacing needle.
  7. Pull the end through the pierced rope until there is about 1 inch of the rope being pulled through at the end (this is the most difficult part of the process keeping the rope attached to the lacing needle attached without it popping off).
  8. Pierce the other rope and repeat the process with the other rope.
  9. Pull both ends of the ropes and tighten. 

Purple Martin FAQ's

The success in attracting Purple Martins largely depends on the placement of their houses. Ensure their housing is positioned in an open space, ideally 30-40 feet away from tall trees. Your likelihood of attracting them increases if there are already active martin colonies nearby. Employing methods such as setting up decoys and playing Purple Martin Dawn songs can also boost your chances.

Losing an entire Purple Martin colony is typically due to predation by predators like hawks, owls, snakes, or raccoons. Other factors include competition from invasive species like House Sparrows or European Starlings, or the encroachment of trees close to their housing.

When installing additional martin houses, spacing isn't strictly regulated. Keeping them about fifteen feet apart allows for easy access between the houses, though they can be placed further apart if desired.

Purple Martins do not prefer any specific direction for their houses. However, to mitigate the impact of strong winds and rain, orient the houses away from prevailing winds. If possible, face the housing entrances towards the most open area available.

Abandonment of a site, especially if it involves leaving behind eggs or young birds, often points to predation. If older nestlings were present and you've been performing regular nest checks, it's possible they left for a migratory roost directly.

Absolutely. Predator guards are crucial for protecting your Purple Martin colony from potential threats like snakes, raccoons, and birds of prey, ensuring the safety and stability of the colony.

While a minimal level of parasites is expected in nests, unchecked, they can become overwhelming. Regular nest inspections every 5-7 days can help identify and manage infestations of mites, fleas, and blowflies. Cleaning out old nests and replacing them with fresh materials is recommended over using pesticides.

During adverse weather conditions, food can become scarce. Providing supplemental food, such as crickets or mealworms, can help sustain your colony. Teaching them to accept this food might require patience and technique.

Identify the intruding species. For native birds like bluebirds or Tree Swallows, offer alternative housing and keep martin housing entrances closed until they settle elsewhere. For invasive species such as House Sparrows or starlings, removal through trapping or shooting is recommended.


Being within the breeding range and ensuring the housing is in an open area clear of tall trees are key. Housing should be positioned to provide clear flyways and be at least 30-40 feet from tall vegetation.

Early in the season, martins might use sites as temporary stops before returning to their previous nesting sites. Social interactions also lead them to visit other colonies. While they may not nest at your site, their presence indicates a suitable location and nearby martins.

Install your martin housing a few weeks before their expected arrival but keep entrances closed to deter other birds. This strategy helps prevent native and invasive birds from taking over the housing before the martins arrive.

Open the entrances once the martins begin returning from migration. Monitoring the Purple Martin arrival map can help predict their arrival. Prioritize opening housing for subadults (SY birds) as they seek new colonies.

Purple Martin Housing & Management

Both options are viable, and preference can vary. Ensure whichever choice provides ample cavity space, is easily accessible, and can be raised or lowered as needed.

Starting with at least 4 cavities is recommended, though 6 may be more appealing. Martins prefer colonial nesting, so providing multiple cavities encourages communal living.

Replacing with the same type of housing usually causes no issues. However, a drastic change might disrupt the colony. If possible, keep both the old and new housing up for a transition period.

Starling-Resistant Entrance Holes (SREH) are designed to keep invasive starlings out while allowing martins access. There might be a learning curve for martins, but they adapt quickly to these entrance designs.

Predators & Purple Martin Competitors

Predators are a concern for martin colonies, with common threats including hawks, owls, raccoons, and snakes. Implementing predator guards is essential for colony safety.

Signs of predation include feathers, wings, or damaged housing. Employing baffles and guards can help deter predators and protect the colony.

A colony can recover post-predation if immediate protective measures are implemented. Ensuring the housing is secured promptly is crucial to prevent repeat attacks.

Weather Impacts & Competition On Purple Martin Birds

Purple Martins can withstand cooler temperatures, but extended cold or rainy periods can limit their food supply. Supplemental feeding can help them through these challenging times.

For native species interested in martin housing, provide alternative housing to deter them from the martin sites. This approach allows for cohabitation of different bird species without conflict.

Barn Swallows, not competing with martins for housing, may build mud nests on porches. They share the insectivore diet, contributing positively to the environment.

House Sparrows and European Starlings can be controlled through trapping or shooting, as they are not protected and pose a threat to martin colonies.