Why You Should Always Have Rope on Hand

Rope is a vital tool to keep in your vehicle, backpack, and around the house due to its extreme usefulness in emergencies and survival situations as well as in countless everyday uses. Here are some great reasons to keep a bit of rope close by at all times.

Rope is not just useful for the obvious reasons....

In an emergency or survival situation, rope has endless potential uses. You may immediately think of its importance in securing items or moving large or heavy objects, but rope is also useful in countless other ways when it comes to emergencies and dangerous situations. In the case of injury, rope can be used to create a tourniquet or sling.

Rope Used for Tourniquet in Dangerous Situation

It can also be used to build a shelter or flotation vessel by using it to tie various materials or branches together. In survival situations, it can be used as a fishing line or clothing line, or even to suspend food or other items that need to be kept from wildlife. 

Raft made with Rope and Wood for Emergency

In areas subject to landslides or avalanches, it may be useful to remain connected to a buddy by loosely holding either end of the rope. If you’re stuck unexpectedly in the snow, rope can be used to tie small branches or other materials together to create makeshift snowshoes.

Snow Shoes Crafted from Cord and Wood

It can be used to strap tools or other items to a backpack in order to keep hands free, or made into a grip for a walking stick, knife, or other tool. When fire is needed, rope can be used to create sparks by carving a wedge in a log and pulling it back and forth vigorously to create friction. Rope can even be used to cut itself, as demonstrated in this video:

Everyday Usability

Rope is also necessary to have around the house or garage for its wide variety of general utility purposes. It is ideal for tying items and also pulling heavy objects when working in the yard. If you like to camp or have a boat, rope is handy to use as tent or fishing line, and has a wide variety of uses on the boat. Rope also has endless possibilities when it comes to DIY home projects. From building hammocks, hanging planters, stringing lights, or even decorating your home --the possibilities are endless.

Ravenox offers a wide variety of ropes and cords that are suitable for just about any need. All Ravenox Ropes are made in America and meet the rigorous standards of the American Cordage Institute. Be sure that you’re prepared for anything by picking some up today for your car, backpack, and house!

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