Everyday Uses For Twisted Cotton Rope

Though twisted cotton rope is easily one of the most versatile and useful materials for the DIYer, outdoorsman, and everyday homeowner, many people aren’t aware of its diverse applications. Ravenox super soft triple strand twisted cotton rope can be used for anything from horse leads to a cozy hammock to lounge in on the weekends. Cotton is the softest of the natural fibers used for rope, making it the best solution for avoiding the abrasion or discomfort caused by other types of rope. Our twisted cotton rope is available in a wide range of vibrant colors, allowing you to put a personal touch on whatever you choose to use it for. Whether you’re simply tying down items or decorating your space, the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas for other creative uses for our triple strand twisted cotton rope.  


Home Decor & Crafting


Twisted cotton rope is perfect for crafting or adding style to your home. It can be used to make rustic coasters by the rope to mason jar lids or to make a nautical wreath by wrapping the rope around a circular shape. Add color and charm to old vases, or disguise tattered lampshades by wrapping them in one of our fun colors. Our twisted cotton rope can also be used as a frame for a picture, clock, or mirror with the help of a foam base and glue. Make a statement with a braided cotton rope rug inside or by your front door. You can also learn how to make a DIY cotton rope hanging planter here.

Forego the Christmas tree garland this December and opt to decorate your tree with our festive red twisted cotton rope instead. Create a unique light fixture by stringing Christmas lights through a piece of twisted cotton rope. Make your own cotton rope basket to stay organized in style, or to give as a gift. Looking for a creative way to hang a row of pictures, add detail to your throw pillows, keep the drapes pulled back, or string outdoor lights? Our triple thread twisted cotton rope comes in ¼ and ½ inch widths and is a stylish and creative way to add flair to your home around the holidays and year-round. With twisted cotton rope in black, blue, hot pink, purple, red, and white, we’ll make sure you have the perfect color to complement your space.

Outdoors and General Utility

The outdoorsman comes across various situations in which cotton rope is useful and even vital. Make sure you grab some before you leave for your next camping trip, because twisted cotton rope can also be used as a tent line and will stand up to various weather elements. It’s the best choice in situations involving exposure to direct sunlight for an extended period of time, as it is not susceptible to UV damage like synthetic ropes are. Twisted cotton rope is also commonly used for teaching and practicing knot tying. It is a popular choice for practicing fishing knots due to its flexibility and ability to twist in a fashion similar to fishing line.

Jewelry & Fashion


Twisted cotton rope can even be used to make a fashion statement or to add detail to your existing garments. Learn how to make a cotton rope and chain braided necklace or a chunky cotton rope bracelet. Also try using it as a comfortable and sturdy strap for bags and purses that won’t rip or sit uncomfortably on your shoulders. Our extremely soft cotton rope will help keep your style comfortable, and our variety of colors ensures you have endless ways to capture your own unique style.


Rope has many uses on a boat, but cotton rope is the best choice in the places where abrasion is a factor. Handrails made of cotton rope are much easier on the hands than other ropes and ensures that passengers can hold on in comfort. Getting on and off the boat can also be tough on the hands when using rope made of material like nylon. Our rope is super soft and will protect your hands from rope burn. Twisted cotton rope is also a popular choice to use for a halyard due to its dual softness and sturdiness.

DIY Dog Toys 

 Ravenox Twisted Cotton Rope Dog Toys | Natural Ropes for Pet Products


Make your dog a quality toy that’s easy on his teeth and your wallet. A teething puppy can tear through a store-bought rope toy in a day. Why not save money by buying cotton rope and making your own? Your homemade rope toy could outlast the destructive puppy days, and the natural cotton won’t harm your pet if swallowed.


Horse Halters & Leads

Ravenox Twisted Cotton Rope Horse Leads Halters Lunge LinesTwisted cotton rope halters and leads are a classic choice among horse owners for many reasons. Twisted cotton rope can be easily tied and holds knots that don’t slip. It is durable and long-lasting, but also easy to repair if it becomes unraveled. If your horse gets spooked or likes to pull back, a cotton rope lead is easy to grip and won’t burn your hands. Our fun colors also ensure that you can personalize your horse’s halter and lead, and the softness ensures comfort for both of you.

When it comes down to it, triple strand twisted cotton rope is hard to beat. It’s soft, pliable, and easy on the hands. Ravenox carries top quality, made in the USA, triple strand twisted cotton rope in 8 different diameters and a dozens of vibrant colors that are perfect for your everyday uses. Check out our online store and pick out your favorite color for your next project!

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