What's a COB LED & Why Should I Get One?

What's a COB LED?

Light emitting diodes, commonly referred to as LED is a new technology that lasts up to 25 times longer than traditional lighting while delivering an average of 83 lumens of light per Watt of energy used. COB stands for Chips on Board, a brand new technology of LED packaging for the LED light engine. It is brighter than regular LED's and is a great lighting source for any space. COB LED's are multi chip packaged and consist of multiple diodes that are soldered into a microchip.


Using COB LED's produce less heat than your average lighting source, partly because of their cooling ceramic substrate. This is great for its longevity.

They may not be able to emit different light colors like other types of LED's such as the SMD (Surface Mounted Device), however they are able to control light temperature and are great for saving energy.

They are very versatile and can be used as light source in a wide variety spaces such as bathrooms, garages and RV's.

Compared to other LED's and lighting sources, COB LED's are relatively cheap to manufacture. As a result they are expected to cost less as production of these types of LED devices ramps up in the future.

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