How 1/4-inch Twisted Cotton Rope is Made

Beautiful, colorful and customizable twisted cotton rope is what Frontier Market Solutions is known for doing best. After years of requests we are proud to introduce our newest line of super soft rope in 1/4-inch diameter.

All of our twisted cotton rope starts at the creel where we take hundreds of tubes of colorful yarn and line them up to be twisted together. At Frontier Market Solutions we use a Warner and Swasey whirlwind twister winder that is made in Cleveland, Ohio to make our super soft 1/4-inch twisted cotton rope. One side of the machine pulls the yarn from the creel and twists it into a larger strand, also known as a hawser and onto a bobbin. These bobbins are then lined up to be twisted together into a finished 1/4-inch strand of rope. The twisting of these bobbins takes place on the other side of the whirlwind twister and any three color combinations can be twisted together to make a custom spool of your favorite colors.

Whether you’re decorating for the holidays, making custom rope jewelry, looking to add some custom designs to your next event or you just want the softest, most colorful rope there is, Frontier Market Solutions has you covered.

Choose from pre-cut lengths as short as 10 feet long or get a full spool of 600 feet today. We have dozens of colors to choose from and you can customize your rope with any three colors you like.


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