Tug of War Ropes

Tug of War Ropes


The act of ‘Tug of War’ reaches far back in ancient times among many different nations, so it’s exact origins are unknown. There are reports of the game in ancient Greece, India, Egypt, and China. The game has always been two opposing sides competing against each other in a test of brute strength. Some cultures used poles between each team, others rope and some were hand to hand. The modern game has two teams at opposite ends of a rope with the goal to pull the middle a certain distance away from the other team of victory. In the 1900’s it became a popular sport and was a competition in the Olympics until 1920.

Ravenox Manila Rope for Tug of War Games

The Game Today

Since then, many national and international groups put on competitions and many cultures celebrate the game in annual festivities. It is also a popular game among children, as a team building exercise, and a outdoor party game. Wikipedia says the most common diameters used are 3/4-inch and 1-inch. The 3/4-inch is great for school children and 1-inch is great for adults.' You can use length of 25 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft, or 100 ft depending on your teams and sew a flag in the middle if desired.

The Rules

The center of the rope should align with the center marked on the ground. A white mark is made exactly 13 feet from the red mark on either sides of the rope. As soon as the referee blows the whistle, each team can start pulling the rope into their territory. The objective of the game is for each team to pull the rope along with the members of opposition team to their side.The game is won when either side with this white mark crosses the center point. As soon as the white mark on the rope over to center line, the team to pull the rope to their area wins the game. Beware of fouls! Lowering your elbow below the knee level while pulling the rope is considered to be a foul and is called ‘locking’. Additionally, touching the ground for too long a period of time is also considered as a foul. Both can reset the game.

Quality Rope to Prevent Burns

One potential injury that can occur in the game is a rope burn. Selecting the right rope can prevent this, but you also need it to be strong. Ravenox Twisted Manila Rope is the perfect rope for tug of war. Manila Hemp rope allows for great grip while soft on the hands eliminating rope burn that is commonly caused by other types of rope like nylon, polyester or other synthetic ropes.With it’s high tensile strength and moisture absorbent fibers, it can hold up in a game without the harsh rope burn. Our Manila Hemp ropes comes in a variety of diameters and lengths so you can have the perfect size rope for adults and children alike. Whether for your child’s next birthday party or business team building, grab some of our Manila rope and Tug Away!
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