Thin Red Line Rope, Leashes and Leads for Firefighters

Thin Red Line Ropes and Leashes 


We honor our nation’s first responders who are among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster or terrorist attack. These include paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMT's), police officers, firefighters, rescuers, swift-boat rescue teams, paramedics and other first responders. These selfless men and women form a Thin Red Line of protection between communities and everything from West Coast wildfires to East Coast hurricanes. Explosions, fires, floods, smoke, spills, crashes, heart attacks: against deadly odds, again and again, firefighters put their lives on that thin red line to rescue people, pets and property.   

Thin Red Line Twisted Cotton Rope


Firefighters and first responders expose themselves to danger to protect others. They are forced to face their own fears and grasp for every ounce of courage to perform the necessary task. The Thin Red Line is displayed to show respect for firefighters injured and killed in the line of duty protecting lives and property.


The Thin Red Line twisted cotton rope is manufactured in 1/8-in, 3/16-in, 1/4-in, 3/8-in, 1/2-in and 5/8-in diameters in lengths from 10 feet to 1,000 feet. Made from the highest quality cotton yarns it is easy to tie knots in and splice. The natural fiber rope is soft on your hands and is perfect for most applications.

Thin Red Line Braided Utility Rope


Our braided utility rope is made from multifilament polypropylene (MFP) fibers and is a synthetic option to our natural fiber cotton ropes. This Red and Blue color combination is also very soft and is great for indoor or outdoor applications. Also known as derby rope it is commonly used for tie-downs, emergency rope, horse halters, horse leads, barriers, boating or just a general-purpose utility rope. It is also commonly used in knot tying classes, theater rope, decorative rope and as tack rope for equine use – hence the name Derby Rope. This is also one of the most popular ropes for dog leashes. 

Our Thin Red Line Utility Rope is available in 1/4-in, 3/8-in, 1/2-in, 5/8-in and 3/4-in diameters and in lengths from 25 FT to 1,000 FT.

Thin Red Line Dog Leashes and Horse Leads

Ravenox Firefighter Rescue Dog Thin Red Line

Walk your dog comfortably with the softest twisted cotton rope dog leash. These handmade dog leads are made with our #1 Best Selling Twisted Cotton Rope and they are soft on your hands. The natural cotton rope fibers will ensure an easy grip and help you avoid any hand burn commonly seen with synthetic ropes. The hand woven loops allow for an easy grip or you can wrap the leash around a pole for tethered, hands-free placement if necessary.Ravenox-Handmade-Cotton-Rope-Pet-Dog-Leash-Horse-Lead-Black-Red-Coil

Have fun and keep your canine under control with this sturdy, straight-forward, heavy duty dog leash. These dog leashes use the same construction as our best-selling horse leads. They’re strong enough to hold a horse and they’re guaranteed to keep your pet in line. Select your size for small, medium or large dogs. Available in lengths of 6 feet, 10 feet or 25 feet. Perfect for your walking or training needs.


Every last detail is taken into account when constructing these dog leashes. These leashes are hand-woven for strength and style. The brass plated bolt snap is strong and easy to clip on your dog’s collar. The weave is then covered with color matching twine that is hand whipped over the ends for a seamless look.



As Americans, we owe these protectors a debt of gratitude for all they do, and all they stand ready to do at a moment’s notice. 

Ravenox's Thin Red Line collection is both a tribute and a reminder of the sacrifice—and the difference—made by our first responders.

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