Supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Breast Cancer Awareness - Ravenox

Supporting the Fighters, Admiring the Survivors, Honoring the Taken, and Never, Ever Giving up Hope.

Each October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Ravenox is running their yearly donation campaign to raise awareness and support those who are impacted by this terrible ailment. 15% of all proceeds from the sale of pink rope and pink products will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

You can also donate directly by clicking here.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Ravenox

Ravenox: A Women-Led Business

Approximately 12% of women will develop breast cancer in their lives. When looking at those who have been impacted because they watched a loved one go through diagnosis and treatment, that number only continues to grow.

Ravenox Women at Factory Making Twisted Cotton Hot Pink Rope

"When my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was not only terrifying to know that she was going to have to fight a cancer that currently has no cure, but that my mother and I are also at risk through genetics. Finding a cure is not just important, it is absolutely crucial to people everywhere," says Ravenox employee, Allison Contic.  

Ravenox Twisted Cotton Hot PInk Rope Being Manufactured in North Carolina USARavenox Hot Pink Twisted Cotton cordage being made at our factory in North Carolina.

Breast cancer afflicts women of all ages and ethnicities. It is the second most prevalent cancer women fight against with mortality rates that cannot be ignored. Millions have been and are currently dealing with the diagnosis of this malignant illness. 

As a company led by women, we are extremely passionate about supporting research to find the cure which is what has motivated this yearly effort.  

Order your rope today and support the prevention and cure of breast cancer. 

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Handmade Dog Leashes

Ravenox Twisted Cotton Rope Dog Leash Breast Cancer Awareness MonthDesigned with pet owners and pets in mind, these leashes are made with the our Twisted Cotton Rope. 

Twisted Cotton Rope - Candy Stripe Pink

Ravenox Twisted Cotton Rope PinkMade from the softest of natural fibers, our cotton rope is easy to tie in knots and splice.

Twisted Cotton Rope - Hot Pink

Ravenox Hot Pink Rope - Supporting Cancer ResearchMacrame is a great way to incorporate more handmade items into your home decor. Jewelry can even be fashioned using this dynamic rope!

Twisted Cotton Rope - Rose Pink

Ravenox Rose Pink Rope - Supporting Cancer ResearchRavenox cotton rope is certified by the Seal of Cotton for its authentic and iconic fiber content.

Polypropylene Utility Rope - Hot Pink

Ravenox Hot Pink MFP Rope - Supporting Cancer ResearchGreat for camping, tie-downs, emergency rope, horse halters, horse leads, barriers, boating or just a general-purpose utility rope.

Polypropylene Utility Rope - Rose Pink

Ravenox Rose Pink MFP Rope - Supporting Cancer ResearchSoft, supple and extremely flexible, it is easy to tie knots in and splice and it's waterproof as well as resistant to most oils, lubricants and grease.

Ravenox Derby Rope Horse Lead - Pink

Ravenox Derby Rope Horse Lead Solid Braid Polypropylene in PinkThe MFP rope used for our leads is manufactured with color fibers so that the color is vibrant, will not bleed, and does not contain any harmful chemicals or dyes.

Ravenox Primoloc Cord Locks - Hot Pink

Ravenox Primoloc Cord Locks in Hot Prink These cord locks can be used on everything from shoelaces, pack drawstrings, pants closures, Paracord products and a variety of outdoor and gym products.

Ravenox Twisted Polypropylene Rope - Hot Pink

Ravenox Hot Pink Twisted Polypropylene Utility RopeStronger than both Manila and cotton, this high tenacity twisted poly rope will suit your lifting, pulling, towing, securing and tie-down needs.

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