Purple Rope Supports Alzheimer's Awareness

Year round, Ravenox twists vibrant colored ropes that benefit a variety of causes and organizations, but every September we're proud to support Alzheimer's Awareness month with our line of purple products we make right here in North Carolina. We donate 15% of all proceeds from the sale of purple rope and purple products to to the Veterans Against Alzheimer's Network.

Ravenox Twists Purple Cotton Rope For Alzheimer's Awareness

Veteran's Against Alzheimer's 

Veterans Against Alzheimer’s is a national network of veterans and their families, military leaders, veterans service organizations, researchers, and clinicians focused on raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease as an urgent health issue for veterans.

Unique risk factors for Alzheimer’s as a direct result of their service challenge veterans of all ages. Factors range from service-related injuries such as traumatic brain injury to conditions such as post-traumatic stress and depression.

Our mission is to shine a light on this urgent issue and demand strengthened initiatives and investments to meet the needs of veterans with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, their caregivers, and their families.


"VeteransAgainstAlzheimer’s—a network of UsAgainstAlzheimer's—is serving those who have served our country by addressing the Alzheimer's crisis through resource mobilization, and targeted programming. Their work in increasing veterans’ participation in clinical trials is integral to finding a cure. It will help better understand the connection between Alzheimer's and PTSD, TBI and BIN—all  war-related conditions.  The community of caregivers, veterans, VSOs, families, researchers, lobbyists, and corporations that have come together to join forces with VeteransAgainstAlzheimer's  speaks to the  urgency of serving this population. VeteransAgainstAlzheimer's reminds us that we must do better for military families touched by Alzheimer's and other dementias."

-The Honorable Bob McDonald

 Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Whether you're an avid outdoorsman, a macrame artist, interior designer, dog or horse lover or just looking to have some rope around for tying stuff up, Ravenox has a rope for you. Why not pick up a purple rope and support a great cause at the same time?! 

Here are some great purple rope and related products that help support Alzheimer's Awareness:

Purple Horse Leads

Ravenox Purple Horse Leads Support Alzheimer's Awareness

Purple Poly Utility Rope

Ravenox Purple Poly Utility Rope Support Alzheimer's Awareness

Purple Twisted Cotton Rope

Ravenox Purple Twisted Cotton Rope Support Alzheimer's Awareness

Twisted Poly Rope

Ravenox Purple Twisted Polypropylene Rope Supports Alzheimer's Awareness

Ravenox Purple Cord Locks


Ravenox Purple Cord Locks Support Alzheimer's Awareness

Purple Martin Bird Houses

Ravenox is your top source for bird houses and gourds for our feathered friends. We're devoted to supporting purple martin colonies that migrate to North America every year.

Ravenox Purple Martin Bird Houses Support Alzheimer's Awareness

Shop Ravenox and support Alzheimer's Awareness

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