The President's Dog: From Rescue to White House

German Shepherds in the White House

As a dog-obsessed company, Ravenox and Blitzen (our German Shepherd mascot) are thrilled to welcome two German Shepherds into the White House! They go by the names Major and Champ and belong to President Joe Biden. 

"Major" Executive Potential

Joe and Major Biden German Shepherd Leaving Delaware Humane Society Animal Shelter After Adoption

Photo Credit: Stephanie Gomez Carter/Delaware Humane Association

German Shepherds are one of the top breeds in popularity--and for good reason! These canines are all-purpose workers that are loyal to their human families. They are also extremely intelligent and traditionally very even-tempered, yet exhibit fantastic courage. 

The President adopted Major from the Delaware Humane Association after he was rescued from a home where he had been exposed to a toxic substance. He was given a clean bill of health prior to the adoption. He was even honored with his own "in-doguration" by the same facility that rescued him via Zoom.

You can donate to the Delaware Humane Association here!

Ravenox's Mascot: Blitzen the German Shepherd

Ravenox Mascot Blitzen the German Shepherd Catching some Ravenox Twisted Cotton Rope in Orange

We love all dog breeds at Ravenox, but we have to admit that we are pretty excited to have a German Shepherd holding down the fort at the nation's capital since our very own mascot shares the same breed. If you haven't met our special guy, follow him on Instagram: @ravenoxblitzen.

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