Among our many clients is the department store giant, Macy's. With changing season and merchandise, Macy’s finds new and innovative ways to display their goods in the store. Their design team has used our rope in innovative way that can be used as inspiration for other store owners or adapted for home decor. 

Photos were taken from the Macy's store at Herald Square.

Macy’s purchased several colors of our rope for their ‘#GoYou’ Campaign. The campaign is ‘Macy’s guide to eating, living and being well in the 21st Century.’ For the store, it focuses on highlighting products to achieve this goal. Macy’s used some of our brightly colored rope in their design to highlight certain products and put a new spin on the traditional mannequin displays.

One way they’ve used the rope in a unique way is creating a translucent wall. They attached single strings of rope side my side from floor to ceiling to create this illusion. Visually, it creates a separation between two spaces and a backdrop behind displays. You can see in these photos, by placing a colored backdrop behind mannequins, it allowed Macy’s to display mannequins in the middle of the room without the products visually getting lost. Using the strings to make the backdrop translucent still displays an open space, versus a solid wall that would prevent the shopper from seeing to the other side of the room.

The ‘#GoYou' campaign have also used the rope to add pops of color against a white wall. A plain permanent wall with displays can be often overlooked by the frequent shopper. Using the signature color combination of the ‘#GoYou' campaign, Macy’s created a rope wall in front of the white background to bring attention back to an area used often for displays. The benefit of this is bringing a common or overlooked space back to life. 

Another goal Macy’s rope display achieves is highlighting specific products. They used rope colors to imitate existing product logos (colors and patterns). You can see in the last photo that Macy’s displayed rope at the exact same angle as the logo from a brand ‘Ideology.' They also used the same color pattern to imitate the existing brand. Again rope walls were used to highlight mannequins and each color corresponds with a statement piece for sale on the mannequin. This subconscious appeal aids in marketing and ultimately product sales. 

These rope displays are a clever way to liven up a retail space, highlight new merchandise and create a cohesive look. Macy’s tied this patterned display to a large scale campaign that tied together different departments. Whether you have a large or small store, using this similar tactic can help create a cohesive, decorative look can bring a new flare to a store layout and boost sales. 

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