How To Dye Nylon Rope

Unlike your average box store that cheapens their nylon rope by adding in other fibers, Ravenox has 100% nylon ropes and cords. Choosing our amazing cordage for your project will leave you with vibrant and colorful rope that is also high quality and strong.

Multiple Dyed Colorful Nylon Rope - Ravenox

Classic Dyeing Methods for Nylon

Acid Dyeing and Disperse Dyeing are two different dye classes that can be used when coloring your nylon rope. Both methods require applying heat so the dye adheres to the nylon so be sure the item you are dyeing can withstand this heat. Microwaving and steaming can be used as another option for heating. If your item is treated with a surface fabric, it may resist the dye so use things that are free of stain resistant or water repellent treatments like Teflon. Even solid nylon items like frisbees can be dyed with the same types of dye as nylon fabric.

Acid Dyeing 

Even though nylon is a synthetic fiber, it can be dyed using the same acid dyes used on other fibers like wool. Be aware that mixed colors may not produce the same tint as they do on other materials. Contacting your dye supplier and asking for recommendations on specific acid dyes can be helpful. Classically, this dye recipe requires the following:

  1. Dissolve salt and dye in plenty of water to thoroughly immerse the material with space left for movement
  2. Heat this concoction to a simmer for 10 minutes
  3. Add vinegar and continue to simmer for another 10 minutes
  4. Allow time to cool and rinse out gradually

Dying Rope with Acid Dye Using Immersion

    Disperse Dyeing

    This method is usually used on polyester fabric, but also works for nylon. It is not the preferred method for immersive dying since acid dye is much simpler, but this can be done if necessary. Using heat transfer is a much better option for disperse dyeing and can be used to great effect in transfer prints. In fact, multiple prints can be created onto nylon fabrics. The dye colors will initially appear dull, but will come through in full color once heat is applied. Testing colors in advance will allow you to see a good example of the finished product. You can also use testing to check the transfer time and what iron setting is needed. The process for this method goes as follows:

    1. Slowly add 50gm preferred thickener to 500ml of cold water
    2. Stir vigorously to dissolve the powder
    3. Use 10-100gm disperse dye (depending on how much color is desired)
    4. Sprinkle into 500ml of tepid water
    5. Stir Vigorously and leave stand for 5 minutes
    6. Place the paint onto a non-absorbent and smooth paper and allow to dry
    7. Place paint against the fabric, using newspaper underneath
    8. Iron for 1-2 minutes 

    disperse dye for nylon rope ravenox


    Other Ideas for Dyeing Nylon

    • Tye-Dyeing
    • Fiber Reactive Dyeing
    • All-Purpose Dyeing
    • Natural Dyeing
    • Discharge Dyeing

    Whatever method you choose, Ravenox can supply you with the best nylon rope available for your project. After all, there is no reason for strong, durable, and high-quality rope not to be beautiful. 

    Choose Your Rope

    These three nylon ropes are all 100% Nylon and are perfect for dyeing:

    Solid Braid Nylon Rope

    Ravenox Solid Braid Nylon Rope

    Twisted Nylon Rope

    Ravenox Twisted Nylon Rope | Ropes Cord Cordage

    Diamond Braid Nylon Rope

    Ravenox Diamond Braid Nylon Rope | Ropes Cord Cordage

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