Easter Egg Hunt For Dogs

Everyone loves a good Easter egg hunt and there's no reason your dog can't participate too! Instead of Fido hunting for plastic eggs (definitely not a good idea as they can crack and harm your dog) use hard boiled eggs instead.

Ravenox Easter Egg Hunt For Dogs Dye Eggs Naturally

Here's a quick 2020 how-to guide to having a fun and safe Easter egg hunt with your dog!

1. Hard boil your eggs.

Hard boiled eggs are very good for dogs. They're loaded with amino acids and proteins.  Hard Boil an egg for 6 to 7 minutes, let it cool and peel off the shell. Giving your dog eggs should be just like any other treat. Eggs are about 70 calories each, so how many eggs you let your dog hunt for should depend on your dog's size. As with all treats, they should not make up more than 10% of your dog's daily diet.

Ravenox Easter Egg Hunt For Dogs Dye Eggs Naturally Boiled Eggs

2. Dye your eggs

Despite oft-repeated myths dogs are not color blind. Using natural food coloring on your cooked eggs you can add some fun colors to your Easter egg hunt and stay healthy at the same time. Dogs see shades of blue, yellow and green, so it's best to dye your eggs one of these colors. Aside from shopping for natural dyes there are plenty of ways to dye your eggs naturally with ingredients you have around the house. 

Ravenox Easter Egg Hunt For Dogs Dye Eggs Naturally

  • For shades of blue you can use blueberries, red cabbage, purple potatoes and blue corn.
  • For shades of yellow turmeric works well as does cauliflower and golden beets.
  • For green food coloring spinach and mashed avocados work well and are also dog friendly.

          Ravenox Easter Egg Hunt For Dogs Dye Eggs Naturally

Note: It's always best to use all natural dyes for your beloved pets. Food Dyes Blue 2, Red 40, Yellow 5 and 6, 4-MIE have been identified by some groups as not being safe for pets.

3. Hide your eggs

Dogs possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses compared to about six million in humans. Their amazing sense of smell is 40 times greater than ours and can make for a fun Easter egg hunt.

You can enjoy an Easter egg hunt with your dog and provide some additional training at the same time too! If your pup isn't familiar with scent games, place the egg in plain sight and click or reward (depending on your training style) when your dog finds the egg. Easter egg hunts can last all year as your dog gets more familiar with the scent game. Hide the eggs in increasingly difficult locations and begin associating a cue to search for the eggs. Eventually, you can hide all the eggs and have your pooch find them one by one. 

Ravenox Easter Egg Hunt For Dogs Dye Eggs Naturally

4. Keep your dog on leash or use a lead line.

Keeping your dog on a leash will give him/her room to roam, but it will also ensure that nothing that's not supposed to be eaten is accidentally chewed up. Whether that's a plastic Easter egg or a chocolate bunny it's important to keep your dog healthy and have fun at the same time. Keep the kids chocolate snacks away from your dog's reach too.

Ravenox Easter Egg Hunt For Dogs Dye Eggs Naturally

Note: Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. If your dog shows signs of vomiting and diarrhea, increased thirst, panting or restlessness, excessive urination, or a racing heart rate, it may have eaten some chocolate. In severe cases, muscle tremors, seizures, and heart failure can be seen.

  • Slip Leads are great for quickly leashing up your dog without the need for a collar.
  • Standard twisted cotton dog leashes are soft on your hands and are also available in long (25 FT) lengths for lead line training purposes.

5. Have Fun!

Keeping safety first and foremost you can have a great time this Easter with your best friend and even add in some important training.

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