Decorative Rope and Nautical Rope Décor Ideas

Customized rope has recently become popular. It can be used creatively to help create a unique space for your home and office

While rope will always be used for hardware and adventure, it has recently become a popular choice when it comes to interior design and other creative spaces.

Rope has a rustic quality but can also be functional in both the home and business spaces as well. We list some creative ideas for your interior decorating.

Nautical Themed Rope Décor:

Nautical rope décor is not only fashionable for a nautical themed house, but restaurants and businesses often like this theme as well. This theme most often centers around the colors red, white, and blue, anchors, and nautical knots!

Decorative rope knots add the right amount of unique flair to your home or office space. They can vary in size, so this means you can place them wherever you see fit. Hanging on the wall, loosely placed in a basket with a buoy, or maybe strategically placed with other objects in a frame or mantle area.

Since rope can vary in thickness, length, and color—it makes the perfect diy project. You can try diy rope braiding before tying a nautical knot to fit your themed space. The best part about nautical rope décor is that it can be a subtle addition or a statement piece.

DIY rope décor projects are truly as exciting and as expressive as you want to make of them!

Visual Displays in Shops and Stores

Department Stores and Local Shops:

The best part about using decorative rope in a department store or local shop is that it can be a visual aid, or it can have a functional purpose.

It can be used to hang specific merchandise from, or more specifically, pieces that you want on spotlight for your customer's eyes to be drawn to.

Decorative rope can be used in window displays to not only hang your outfits and main attractions but to decorate the space with a unique flair. Large braided rope knots and nautical rope designs make for rustic accents for your displays.

Rustic themes have gotten quite popular recently and can add that extra flair to draw customers to your store!


Speaking of trending rustic themes, decorative rope can be knotted and braided and used in a restaurant. Pubs, breweries, and garden café’s look exceptionally inviting with this theme.

You can hang your light fixtures using thick cotton braided rope or twisted manila rope. You can create centerpieces with rope wrapped and knotted around them for a subtle touch of the rustic style.

Or you can use decorative rope knots to make your picture frames and other wall decorations have the unique touch that ties the dining space together. 


Yoga Studios:

Rope Walls- Rope can have other benefits to your life besides decoration! It can deepen your yoga practice. This makes for a more beneficial routine.

Rope walls are designed to give the yoga student the ability to practice asanas that are typically difficult for a beginner. For people with injuries and stiffness, they can use rope walls to position themselves properly without the risk of injury or strain. The rope wall allows them to be suspended in midair while anchored to the wall for stability.

This gives the student a feeling of security. The pressure is lifted from their joints, and they are able to practice positions and asanas in a new way!

Stretching - Durable rope can also be used for stretching purposes. We offer a 10-loop strap that is excellent for toning, stretching and flexibility training without a partner.

If you’re recovering from a previous injury, using rope to assist in your stretching is a way to ease in and out of positions that are otherwise hard to achieve unassisted. It will also ensure that you perform the stretch progressively with the use of the additional loops.

Photography Uses: 

Photography - If you’re not decorating your house, and don’t own a business or restaurant, you can try incorporating decorative rope into your pictures for Instagram or other social media to help your photos stand out.

Many Instagram photographers design a small area of the desk or workshop with decorate rope to give photographs of their antique finds or thrift store deals a nice backdrop.

Whether you’re a photographer looking for new photo theme ideas, or hoping to create fun backgrounds on your walls, decorating with rope is often a fast and stylish option!

Also, if you’re newly engaged or using a rustic theme for your wedding, “tying the knot” is an excellent theme for your engagement photos. Check with your photographer for ideas on how to use rope to create the perfect photos for the occasion!

There are plenty of exciting ways to use decorative rope designs in your home, business, or photos! Next time you’re out enjoying your favorite cuisine or shopping at your local mall, keep an out for the fun ways your favorite stores and restaurants are creating unique designs with decorative rope!

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