1/2-in Heavy Duty Metal Double Rope Clamps
1/2-in Heavy Duty Metal Double Rope Clamps
1/2-in Heavy Duty Metal Double Rope Clamps
1/2-in Heavy Duty Metal Double Rope Clamps

1/2-in Heavy Duty Metal Double Rope Clamps

2 Pack / Solid Brass 4 Pack / Solid Brass 10 Pack / Solid Brass 20 Pack / Solid Brass 50 Pack / Solid Brass 100 Pack / Solid Brass

1/2-Inch Heavy Duty Metal Rope and Cable Clamps

Choose between the following metals:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Solid Brass

The Ravenox Double Rope Clamp is designed to easily clamp together two ropes or two parts of a rope. Use it to form an eye in rope by making rope loop ends or to fasten various types of rope and cordage.

These metal clamps are 2.6mm thick and are heavy-duty. For a lighter, easier to close metal rope clamp check out the Ravenox medium-duty rope clamps which are made from 1.1mm stamped steel. 

These 1/2-inch rope clamps are designed for 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch twisted ropes, braided ropes and wire cables. With a 1/2-inch rope the ends of the clamp will meet together when clamped and with a 3/8-inch rope the ends of the clamp will overlap slightly.

Our durable, long-lasting double rope clamps are available in a variety of long-lasting metals. The cast steel clamps are available as zinc plated or brass plated to prevent corrosion and rust (available in the 5/8-in rope clamp variant). There is a stainless steel variant as well. Stainless steel excels at taking heavy impacts without deforming, breaking, or even bending, due to an impressive ability to withstand high stress forces. The solid brass variant has a beautiful copper look and is very resistant to corrosion and is heat resistant. These solid brass clamps tend to accept welding better than stainless steel. The nickel plated over solid brass is a high-end rope clamp that has the malleable properties of the brass with a nickel plate that gives the rope clamp a silver look (available in the 5/8-in rope clamp variant).

All Ravenox rope clamps are ideal for securing rope, cordage and wire and prevent any slipping.


The rope clamps are commonly assembled to the rope using a vice or hammer, and will hold 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch rope. Great for dog leashes, key chains, horse leads, bridle reins, pulley's, dock and fender lines, and much more. The Ravenox Double Rope Clamps are heavy duty and will stand the test of time for all of your hardware purposes. Choose from 2 packs to 100 packs. Please send us a message if you're interested in larger quantities. For retail stores interested in a wholesale account please apply HERE.



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