Heavy Duty Brass Plated Metal Rope Clamps
Heavy Duty Brass Plated Metal Rope Clamps
Heavy Duty Brass Plated Metal Rope Clamps

Heavy Duty Brass Plated Metal Rope Clamps

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The FMS Double Rope Clamp is designed to easily clamp together two ropes or two parts of a rope. Use it to form an eye in rope by making rope loop ends or to fasten various types of rope and cordage. Our durable, long-lasting double rope clamp is available in either zinc plated or brass plated to prevent corrosion and is ideal for securing rope or cord and preventing it from slipping. It is commonly assembled to rope using a vice or hammer, and will hold 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch rope. Great for pet leashes, key chains, horse leads, dock and fender lines, and much more. The FMS Double Rope Clamps are heavy duty and will stand the test of time for all of your hardware purposes. Choose from 2 packs to 100 packs.

  • *CHOOSE FROM ZINC PLATED OR BRASS PLATED DOUBLE ROPE CLAMPS. Our zinc plated and brass plated rope clamps resist corrosion, ensuring that the quality and strength of the clamp will not be compromised over time.
  • *USE TO CLAMP TOGETHER TWO ROPES OR TWO PARTS OF A ROPE. Double clamp design is ideal for forming a loop at the end of a rope and for fastening rope in place without slippage.
  • *AVAILABLE IN 2 PACK, 4 PACK, 10 PACK, 20 PACK, 50 PACK, AND 100 PACK. We have a variety of ordering options to meet your specific hardware needs.
  • *DESIGNED FOR 1/2-INCH AND 5/8-INCH ROPE. The FMS Double Rope Clamp will easily and effectively clamp all rope and cordage within this range.
  • *HEAVY DUTY. All of our products are made from only top quality materials.
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