War Hero Continues to Serve Through Veteran Employment

KING 5 News Seattle featured Ravenox CEO Sean Brownlee on Veterans Day.

See the full story below:

MGySgt Sean Brownlee USMC military CEO Ravenox Rope & Cordage Company

Any Marine will tell you about the bond made on the battlefield. Sean Brownlee wants to tell you about continuing that commitment at home.

"When veterans transition out of the military, sometimes right after combat deployment, it's very difficult to find a home mentally and spiritually," he said.

Brownlee is a bona fide war hero, receiving the Bronze Star for protecting his platoon while fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Now a successful businessman, he's using his experience to serve his fellow veterans in a new way.  

"Seeing these Marines and the struggles they have, whether it's figuring out how to navigate the education system, finding employment, or whether they're just having trouble with the transition, it's something we can help mitigate by helping them with jobs," said Brownlee.

When he left active duty Brownlee got into the rope business, founding Ravenox. He now manufactures everything from dog leashes to hammocks. All of it is made in the USA. Twenty-five percent of his workforce are veterans, and he hopes to double that over the next year. Ten percent of his proceeds go to Marine Corps charities.

Brownlee's products are now a "number one seller" on Amazon, and he uses his business savvy to teach other veterans how to begin their own businesses.

"Veterans have the drive, ambition, education and ability to be successful," he said. "It's just a matter of having the right counseling along the way to make them successful,"

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