Ravenox Honored at Association of Washington Business's Evening of Excellence

AWB Honors Exceptional Washington Employers

Tacoma, WA - The Association of Washington Business presented its top awards to 13 employers Thursday at the annual Evening of Excellence during a gala ceremony at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center.

The event, sponsored by Banner Bank, celebrated Washington’s innovative employer community and the many ways private-sector employers contribute to the quality of life.

“It is our distinct privilege to honor employers who are helping make Washington an incredible place to work, live and raise a family,” said AWB President Kris Johnson, who emceed the event. “Through these awards, we are celebrating their successes and thanking them for their contributions to the economy and our communities.”

Nine Washington Excellence Awards and four Manufacturing Excellence Awards were presented. Approximately 250 companies were nominated for awards. A panel of judges chose the finalists and winners.

AWB’s 2022 slate of awards were presented Nov. 17, 2022, at the Evening of Excellence gala in Tacoma. (Photo: Brian Mittge/AWB)

AWB’s 2022 slate of awards were presented Nov. 17, 2022, at the Evening of Excellence gala in Tacoma. (Photo: Brian Mittge/AWB)

An Evening of Excellence

The Association for Washington Business (AWB) is Washington's oldest and largest business association and works on behalf of companies in various industries. AWB maintains the idea that the state of Washington is internationally competitive based on various commendable attributes. This "Evening of Excellence" celebrates leaders from across the state who are to be honored for representing excellence in business. 

Ravenox was thrilled to be nominated for the Washington Veterans and Families Award, recognizing employers who have developed and applied hiring and retention best practices for addressing the employment challenges faced by veterans, transitioning service members and military spouses. The employment of veterans and the involvement in the veteran community remains one of Ravenox's most important goals. 

In Good Company

AWB Award Veteran Ravenox Amazon Nine Line

Of course, with great recognition comes great competition. Ravenox was joined in the running for this award by Amazon and Nine9line.

Fellow finalist, Amazon, needs no introduction as they are known globally. The company recently exceeded their goal of hiring 25,000 veterans and military spouses in five years, instead hiring over 112,000. 

The winner of the award, Nine9line, is a non-profit focused on helping veterans improve their lives through housing, employment and wellness. Their motto is "Service Above Self" and embodies that spirit in the service they provide to Pacific Northwest Veterans, their families and the community.

AWB Award Veteran and Family Award with Sean Brownlee and Genevieve Brownlee

Sean & Genevieve Brownlee accepting Washington Veterans and Families Award

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