American Cordage Institute Membership

Ravenox is pleased to announce our recent membership with the American Cordage Institute! We are proud to be 1 of only 27 manufacturers in the world that are members.

The Cordage Institute is a not-for-profit international trade association that was founded in the 1920s to promote and create rope and cordage safety standards. It is an organization of fiber rope manufacturers, users, and suppliers with the mission to “create value for its members by educating product users, the standards writing community, government agencies, and other entities on the proper use of industry products through the dissemination of standards" (The Cordage Institute).  The Institute's technical committee and specialized sub-committees are responsible for creating and publishing standards and guidelines for rope characteristics, manufacturing, and testing procedures. All Institute members must meet these rigorous standards. The Cordage Institute also holds events and conferences related to rope and cordage, and boasts a large database of rope and cordage terminology, news, and publications on its website. If you are looking for manufacturers of a certain rope or cordage product, specialty providers, or providers of technical services, you can search by category to discover the Cordage Institute members who manufacture or distribute the products or services you are looking for.

Find out more by checking out the Cordage Institute's website, and head to our online shop to see the many variations of high-quality, American-made rope and cordage that we offer.

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