5 Sunsets in the United States That Will Take Your Breath Away (And They're Free!)

Busy days can keep us at our desks, running errands, or generally distracted during the transition from day to night. But longer summer days give us a better chance of catching a glimpse of the sunset, wherever we may be. If you’re looking to seek out some extra special sunsets this summer, check out these places across the country that are most likely to provide a great (free) show.

Grand Canyon, AZ


You really can’t go wrong with the Grand Canyon at sunset. From the North or South Rim, the sunset is absolutely spectacular. The edges of the canyon provide perfect vantage points to see the light dance through the canyon as the sun falls into the western expanses of desert. Check out the highest point of the North Rim, known as Point Imperial, and of course some of the phenomenal hikes in the area.

Denver, CO


As urban sunsets go, Denver tops the list. The silhouettes of skyscrapers contrast with the backlit, snowcapped peaks in the distance. The weather in Denver is so consistently clear, that you can bet on your ability to catch a gorgeous sunset most days of the year. Just outside of Denver, North Table Mountain is a great sunset vista and a trailhead where you can find plenty of hiking and mountain biking adventures. If you’re looking to venture further into the mountains, the views only get more breathtaking.

Santa Barbara, CA


Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara provides a quintessential view of the sun setting over the Pacific. It’s a little off the beaten path, so you may want to pack a little cooler of refreshments to enjoy as you watch the sun fall into the water. Keep an eye out for your favorite celebrities, as this area of Montecito is home to many a famous face.

Martha’s Vineyard, MA


The western coast of this Cape Cod island provides ample opportunities to see the water reflect the falling sun. Picturesque harbors with sailboats in the foreground and the mainland in the distance create a multi-media display to rival the most spectacular art pieces. And watching the sunset from the water is always a treat. Check it out from a sailboat, kayak, or a sunset cruise.

Mt. Haleakala, Maui, HI


No list of sunsets would be complete without a mention of Hawaii. With a gorgeous combination of volcanoes, lush vegetation, and ocean, Hawaii has some of the most amazing panoramic views in the world. The weather patterns in Hawaii also provide varied cloud formations that reflect and refract the dancing rays of the sun in a palette of beautiful colors. Hike or drive to the top of this famous volcano for above-the-clouds views of the setting sun.

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