The Best Keychain Ever

Adjustable KeychainsWhen an accessory is used to contribute, in a secondary manner, to the wearer's outfit, we consider it as a fashion accessory. Though many people wear what they think reflects their personalities, and at times this is in line with ongoing trends, only few tend to focus on accessories. If you are among these few, this article is for you.

The fashion magazines, TV shows and advertising industries have purposefully redefined how men and women define and associate themselves with style by spotlighting celebrity lifestyle. If you want to think out of the box though, you need to focus on every single accessory you use. Let’s use keychains as an example. Have you ever stopped to think that your keychain may be associated with your personality? Ever imagined that it might reflect your tastes?

There are various types of keychains available on the market. I was searching for the best and most complete source for all types of keychains and key rings. Most online stores offer keychains made from metal or plastic. Unfortunately most of the keychains available on the market are more or less same with little modification.

Just think of a keychain which is adjustable. Possible? Yes it is. Produced using Paracord? Colorful? Can be used in day to day life as well as in survival situations? Fortunately, the answer is again YES, YES, YES. I found one company that offers one of the most unique keychains you can get for daily use and survival situations. Ravenox produces and sells a Paracord Monkey Fist Keychain that is appropriate for a number of daily uses.

Now the question, why Paracord? Paracord is an amazing tool for survival. It’s a highly versatile multi-filament nylon cord with nearly unlimited uses, applications and benefits, and is a must have for any survival and emergency preparedness kit. That’s why 550 Paracord made accessories, including keychains, have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Another important reason is that it looks super trendy and cool.

You can easily use these Adjustable Keychains as an alternative to Paracord bracelets. There is a common misconception that survival Paracord is only for military personnel. That's not true at all. The cold, hard truth is that we all need Paracord in day to day life and in emergency situations. Anyone, including Survivalists, Campers, Hunters and the Average Joe and Joan can use these Adjustable Keychains and benefit from their multitude of uses.

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