Twisted Cotton Rope Bowls
Twisted Cotton Rope Bowls
Twisted Cotton Rope Bowls
Twisted Cotton Rope Bowls
Twisted Cotton Rope Bowls
Ravenox Organic Twisted Cotton Rope

Twisted Cotton Rope Bowls

Natural White / Small Natural White / Large Natural White / Set

Ravenox's Twisted Cotton Rope Bowls are hand-made right here in the USA with over 45 feet of organic 100% Ravenox cotton rope. The beginning of our product starts with one of our rope masons passing the rope directly from our machines into the hands of our rope weaver where they are carefully hand-woven and stitched to perfection. They are then packaged and shipped right to your door.

Ravenox Handmade Nautical Décor Natural Twisted Cotton Rope Bowl Ocean Coastal Basket Rustic Table Bowls

These decorative rope bowls will add a touch of nautical flare to your home.  The simple yet sophisticated design allows the imagination to run wild with ideas for putting them to use. They are perfect for coffee tables, fireplace mantles, tabletops and centerpieces. They are also great for baby's room and can be used for anything from holding diapers to cradling toys.  They are dye free and contain no harsh chemicals, so they are safe around infants, toddlers, and even pets!

Ravenox stands behind the quality spanning across all our products. This confidence is why we offer a 100% risk free purchase with a 1-year, money-back guarantee. We know you'll love them as much as we do.

3 Options / 2 Sizes to Choose From

Large: Measures 9.5-inches wide x 6-inches tall

Small: Measures 8-inches wide x 4-inches tall

Set: Grab both a small and large bowl together.


  • HAND-MADE AND HIGH QUALITY: Ravenox's Twisted Cotton Rope Bowls are hand-made right here in the USA with over 45 feet of organic 100% Ravenox cotton rope. We stand behind all our products. The rope bowl has been intricately stitched by our rope weaver, making each and everyone one of them one of a kind. We are confident that these decorative bowls will stand the test of time, adding beauty to your home along the way. They are made with our #1 Best-Selling cotton rope.
  • VERSATILE POSSIBILITIES: We have planned and executed the cotton rope bowl to be a lasting staple in your home. The decorating possibilities are endless with this product. It can fit into any room of your home, adding a basic yet sophisticated style to any room where it is placed. Whether you use it in your office, bedroom, living room, dining room, or even nursery, the bowl will add a unique highlight. Fill it with other decorative materials or use it to hold fruit--the choice is yours.
  • CHIC AND SIMPLE: If you're designing a new room or sprucing up your current decorating, this piece is perfect to add various elements to your home decor. The clean and crisp white color goes with virtually any color scheme. They can be used to get a country look by filling them with apples or for a more modern look by filling them with books. They can also provide a new method of organization by holding toys or accessories--a great option to spruce up your mud room!
  • ORGANIC AND SAFE: Ravenox is proud to make products that are safe for you, your home, your loved ones, and even your pets. The rope bowls are completely non-toxic. No harsh chemicals were used in the making of this product so placing them in your everyday life is worry-free. We strive for the best in all our products so if this is something that you value, take a look at the other products we offer. You can expect this kind of quality in everything we offer.
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: Ravenox is a CERTIFIED Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned, Woman-Led American small business that backs the quality and satisfaction of all it’s products. We offer a one-year, money-back guarantee on each and every product. Our ropes meet rigorous manufacturing and testing procedures set forth by the American Cordage Institute and we are proud to be 1 of only 27 manufacturers in the world that helps set the standards in rope manufacturing.


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