Spectra® 12 X 12 (4563546079322)

Spectra® 12 X 12

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SPECTRA® 12 X 12 - Large Rope for Heavy Lifting

12x12 Construction is designed specifically for high modulus, high strength fibers such as Spectra® , Plasma®  enhanced Spectra® , and Vectran® . This patented construction addresses the most critical properties of the fibers to provide a very high strength translation efficiency for larger ropes. This design allows for long lay lengths making the rope more flexible for bending applications and a rope that is easy to inspect and can be quickly spliced using standard 12 strand splicing techniques. Spectra®  12x12 is a 12-strand single braided rope in which each of the 12 strands is, in turn, a 12-strand rope, or braided primary strand. Spectra®  12x12 is supplied with our standard polyurethane finish although other coatings can be applied to suit specific applications.

Spectra® 12 x 12

Tech Sheet - Spectra 12X12

Very low stretch

Very high strength

Soft on the hands

Torque free

Easy splicing

Naturally buoyant in water

Select sizes are ABS & DNV type approved

Spectra 12X12 Chart

Ravenox Spectra 12X12 Elongation Chart