G/T Composite Double Braid (4565332164698)

G/T Composite Double Braid

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G/T Composite ropes provide high strength, low stretch, and superior abrasion resistance in a firm round jacketed construction. The ropes are constructed with a braided Plasma® core. This core is encased in a tightly braided jacket of HMPE fiber which offers the highest abrasion resistance and durability.

G/T Composite ropes can be used in commercial fishing as wire rope replacement, helicopter longlines, and mooring applications where a very high strength, firm, round, and torque free rope is desired. These ropes are available with a polyurethane finish in clear or a choice of custom colors.

Benefits / Features
  • Highest strength
  • Lowest stretch
  • Low creep
  • Firm hand
  • Torque free

Tech Sheet - G/T Composite Double Braid