Assault Full Body Chest Harness in black, featuring an upper chest D ring for belay line attachment and extraction, camlock buckle for quick donning over tactical body armor, and adjustable straps for a secure fit. (8749794689261)

Assault Full Body Chest Harness

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Color Black

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The Assault Full Body Chest Harness is an essential piece of equipment for military and tactical operations. It enhances the functionality of the Assault or Lightweight Assault Harness by adding an upper chest D ring, transforming it into a full-body Class III harness. This conversion is critical for operations requiring secure belay line attachments or extractions.

Designed for quick deployment, the harness can be easily donned over tactical body armor using the camlock buckle. The chest D ring allows for attachment of belay lines, enabling the user to rappel or be lowered safely from the seat portion of the harness. Additionally, it serves as a reliable extraction connection point, essential for emergency scenarios.

This harness is available in three tactical colors: Black, Foliage Green, and Terra, ensuring it meets various operational needs. Proudly made in the USA, it guarantees high-quality construction and durability.

Equip your team with the Assault Full Body Chest Harness to enhance their operational capabilities. Ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency during critical missions. Order now and complete your tactical gear with this indispensable harness component.

Key Features

  • Upper Chest D Ring: Provides a secure connection point for belay lines and extractions.
  • Quick Donning: Easily worn over tactical body armor with a camlock buckle.
  • Class III Harness Conversion: Converts Assault or Lightweight Assault Harnesses to full-body Class III harnesses.
  • Color Options: Available in Black, Foliage Green, and Terra.
  • Made in the USA: High-quality American craftsmanship ensuring durability and reliability.
  • One Size: Fully adjustable to fit all users.

Important Note

This 424 Chest Harness is only one part of a multi-piece harness system. It must be used in conjunction with the USN Tactical Rappel Belt (Cobra Legs) and the USN Seat Harness to fully meet the criteria of a Class III harness.


  • Color Options: Black, Foliage Green, Terra
  • Origin: Made in the USA
  • Size: One Size, fully adjustable

Ensure maximum safety and efficiency during your operations with the Assault Full Body Chest Harness. Shop now for this high-strength, military-grade harness, proudly made in the USA.