Ravenox was founded in 2012 to create jobs, bring manufacturing back to America and help American companies grow and stay relevant in the 21st century. We have partnered with a number of amazing companies over the years to help fulfill this goal. Contact us and see how a partnership with us could grow your business today.


OhmniLabs, a human-centric robotics company that strives to improve the lives, careers, and communications of real people around the world. They manufacture powerful disinfecting robots for safer, healthier spaces that eliminate 99.99% of pathogens in significantly less time than other disinfection methods while also providing remarkable, long-term cost savings. OhmniLabs also manufactures telepresence robots that allow for seamless and engaging remote collaboration.

OhmniLabs OhmniClean UV-C Disinfecting Robot for Healthcare System


Cortland is a global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of technologically advanced ropes, slings, tethers, and strength members. With more than 40 years of application and design experience, they provide exceptional understanding and insight into the most difficult challenges faced in the industry. Their unrivaled manufacturing capabilities—including the world’s largest 12-Strand braider—paired with their deep engineering expertise enables them to deliver a broad range of solutions tailored to the highest demands across all industries.Cortland Rope Cordage Company

Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals is a family-owned manufacturer of high-quality nutrients that bring health benefits to as many people as possible. They are the standard bearer for fresh and pure omega-3 fish oil products and are constantly innovating and producing supplements to serve generations of healthy people across the globe.

 Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Supplements