Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Ravenox Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Ropes


Ravenox's ropes are buoyant and crafted to better workplace organization and gripping of lines used for heavy machinery, lifting devices, and ROVs for underwater applications. Custom floating rope is in most depths and will not snap due to it's lightweight attributes.

No Tortuosity Means Faster Placement
Remote-Operated Vehicles exert a limited amount of power. As opposed to wire rope, Ravenox's torque-free, floating cords assist in easing operation of ROVs. Attaching and detaching from items becomes much faster. These highly functional ropes come in various color so you will not sacrifice aesthetics while out to sea. 

Maintenance for Offshore Locations
As masters of this latest synthetic technology, Ravenox, an expert at the most up-to-date synthetic solutions, can accommodate site visits to assist with employee knowledge and to even advise on rope type and accompanying gear. 

Our maintenance assistance capacity involves:

  • Braiding and terminations
  • Unique rope arrangements
  • Defense against abrasion extending the life of your product
  • Rope inspections and rigging advice